Charlotte vs. Raleigh: Where Should Your Business Advertise in North Carolina?

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Should you advertise in Charlotte? Or would Raleigh billboards be a better move for your company’s brand awareness? And how do you market your business in North Carolina for the best possible results? If you’re concerned about launching your next marketing campaign in North Carolina, you probably need answers to these questions and some extra guidance.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a proponent billboards will depend on your target demographics and marketing goals. We can help you break down the key differences you’ll want to consider. We have the knowledge and experience you need to make a well-informed decision. To hear our top tips about advertising in North Carolina, feel free to continue reading.

Why Should You Post Billboards?

If you’re interested in advertising in North Carolina, we’re big proponents of posting Raleigh billboards as part of your next campaign. This is a fantastic city with a slowly growing population. Currently, over 480,000 people call Raleigh, North Carolina home, and it’s currently growing at a rate of 1.35 percent each year, according to some sources. The average household income in the city is over $94,000.

Other sources believe it’s is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, at approximately 3.4 percent each year. Expanding to include the entire metropolitan area, the population has grown 47 percent between 2000 and 2012. This means that people are constantly coming into the city, giving your ad campaigns in the city access to numerous eyes. It’s been predicted that the area will remain the fastest-growing metropolitan area through 2025.

Large billboards are also a great idea because it is both a college town and the state’s capital. This encourages an exceptionally diverse population to move into the city and take jobs in the surrounding areas. More than 57 percent of the population is white, but the city is also home to large populations of Black and Asian communities. Nearly 30 percent of the population identifies as Black or African American.

If you want to advertise to a diverse and growing population, exercising some marketing power is a fantastic idea. This would give you significant influence over a fantastic population, helping your business grow its brand awareness and building your overall conversion rates. That could especially be the case if you’re interested in advertising your products or services to a forward-thinking and diverse group of individuals.

Should You Advertise in North Carolina?

You may also be interested in advertising in Charlotte, North Carolina. This city has some similarities, but they are far from precisely the same. Charlotte has a population of over 900,000 people. It also has a growth rate of 1.61 percent. Charlotte also has a similar average household income of just under $95,000.

The city proper has approximately 810,000 residents, but the metropolitan area has just under 2.4 million people who call it home. The city is also similarly densely populated.This is also the home of a very large banking center, several sports teams and sporting events, and a large and busy airport. This means people are constantly pouring into the city, giving you access to significant population sizes and target demographics.

However, just because there is a larger population, billboard costs may be higher here, at least in comparison. There’s also likely to be more competition in Charlotte, as higher population sizes generally draw in other businesses that are hungry for larger audiences. Because this is the case, we strongly recommend carefully weighing your options against your marketing budget and goals.

Tips for Your Next Billboard Marketing Campaign

If you want to utilize billboards for your next ad campaign, we have a few unique tips to help you make the best possible decisions. Please consider the following suggestions if you would like some assistance designing your next billboards for the upcoming ad campaign.

Clear and Simple Fonts

We strongly recommend using a clear and straightforward font while designing your next billboard ads. This is because script and serif fonts are well-known for being harder to read, especially when driving quickly and having limited time to ingest new information. To make things easier for your audience and potential customer base, try to use just one font without serifs, avoid replacing letters with alternate pictures, and aim to make your copy easy to read.

Only Use One Picture

In the same way that too much information can keep potential customers from connecting to your ad, too many pictures can do something similar. Because this is the case, we encourage you to only include one picture in your ads. While you don’t necessarily need to use the same picture for each billboard, multiple images on a singular ad can be distracting and confusing.


If you want to advertise in North Carolina, you should know that there are many fantastic locations for you to consider before making a final decision. Both have their own pros and cons, so we suggest carefully weighing your options and considering your goals before you make a choice. We hope you found our breakdown and billboard design suggestions helpful, and we also wish you the best of luck in your next marketing campaign.

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