How to Ensure Your Marketing Message Is Understood, and Attract Quality Leads


The brand promise is the core message of your company, their brand story.


The positioning statement is the message or short description of your ideal audience and how the company wants this audience to perceive the brand.


The ideal audience outlines the specifics of who the brand targets through their marketing to sell their products or services.


The core message statement or professional statement is the cocktail or elevator pitch. The short and sweet one-liner tells people exactly who you help and how you help them.


The messaging pillars share details about how your products or services solve the audience’s problem or improve their lives. Furthermore, this is where you’ll use what I have discussed above to create compelling content to attract your ideal audience. The messaging pillars become your content pillars used within your content marketing strategy.

You see, it’s all interlocking like bricks laying the foundation for your powerful marketing strategy.


Lastly is the call to action, which is, as it appears, it’s a statement asking them to do something. It could be to book a call, buy a micro-offer, join a program, subscribe to your email list, or leave a comment on social media.


When mastering your marketing message, you must first start with what you know and build from there. For starters, the mission, vision, and goals for your business. Also, determine your unique selling proposition—what sets you apart from everyone else in your industry?

Next, what you’re offering your audience, who they are, and why it matters to them, which also ties into your value positioning. The promise of value to be delivered, communicated and acknowledged through your products and services to your audience.

Once you have those core foundational elements figured out, you can dive into your marketing framework to organize your ideas and create a clear and strategic marketing campaign that weaves both your brand message and your marketing message.

However, that’s not all; when all of that is defined, and you have clarity around your marketing, you can use these ten ways to test your marketing to ensure your message always sticks—attracting your audience like bees to honey.

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