The most epic advertising campaign of the last year

Last year was incredibly challenging for brand marketers. They had to create noteworthy ads with positive messages that would also draw in customers. Luckily, numerous brands managed to get this right. Last year, some brands stood out with their marketing efforts. 

From big brands to small ones, last year was loaded with great ad campaigns. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next advertising campaign or simply some entertainment, these campaigns are a sure way to go. This article will show you three of the most epic advertisement campaigns of last year. 

Three epic advertising campaigns from last year

  1. CBP London: Imagine

Most people may ask, what is the purpose of campaign advertising? Well, this campaign has some of the answers, as it drew a lot of attention to the subconscious gender biases that exist. 

They designed simple posters with texts like “Imagine a nurse. Is it a woman?” or “Imagine a CEO. Is it a man?” written on them. 

This campaign teaches you to talk directly to your audience. Flipping public assumptions is also a great way to create a real buzz. Also, it can be kept simple.

  1. Coinbase QR code

Coinbase released an ad early last year that was aired during the Super Bowl. The advertisement consists completely of a QR code that bounces around the screen for an entire minute.

Users who were able to capture the code received some Bitcoin rewards if they signed up. That simple ad led to over 20 million hits on their landing page in one minute! While it may have cost a lot to put up the ad, the simplicity of the ad is admirable. 

As a brand manager, you need to understand and master the art of simplicity. This will help you advertise without making your audience feel like you’re selling to them. 

  1. Tesco’s out-of-home Ramadan billboards

Ramadan is a Muslim holiday. During Ramadan, the Muslim faithful fast from sunrise to sunset, which means they eat by late evening or early morning. 

Tesco designed a billboard that illustrated a family gathered around a table, all holding empty plates. During the day, this image was projected on the billboard. Meanwhile, at night, the billboard changed to show all the plates full of food.

These billboards were also strategically placed in areas where Muslim populations are considerably high. By showing respect for Muslim culture, Tesco showed that all religions and their holidays are significant. This creates a free and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. 

Sympathizing with customers’ pains, beliefs and culture is a sure way to endear your brand to them. 


For brand managers, planning and executing the perfect advertising campaign may seem daunting, but it is not impossible. These epic campaigns have shown that with a good understanding of your audience, positive impact, and the right amount of boldness and simplicity, these successes can be reproduced. 
Next, time you’re brainstorming ideas for a new advertising campaign, remember to connect with your audience and keep them first! That is the key to an epic advertising campaign.

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