What are the dangers of not monitoring your backlinks

How to gain new backlinks

  1. Find Backlink Opportunities with Top Referral Sources. …
  2. Use Outbound Links to Form Partnerships. …
  3. Use Google Search Console Reports to Get Backlinks. …
  4. Spy on Your Competitors. …
  5. Find Broken Links to Build Backlinks. …
  6. Create High-Quality Content That’s Link-Worthy. …
  7. Publish a Skyscraper Content.

As times have changed, the ways in which customers perceive a brand can rest entirely on how its content is presented and how the things they are associated with are perceived.

But how are you going to make sure that your links aren’t creating unforeseen issues for your business? If you aren’t using modern innovations in technology to easily monitor your backlinks and keep your brand at the top of search engines, you risk encountering the following dangers:

Irreparable damage to your brand

Poorly thought-out backlinks that aren’t blended well into your content, or links that aren’t relevant to what you’re communicating can be damaging to your brand. When a customer first discovers your business, they should be able to understand who you are, what you do, and why it’s of benefit to them within minutes.

And it’s within that timeframe where trust can begin to grow or seeds of doubt shoot up out of nowhere and cause your brand to experience a fast fall in terms of perception.

Being associated with poor quality

You’re only as good as the company you keep, and that’s never been more accurate when it comes to your backlinks. If a potential customer reads a piece of your content and clicks a link, they’re essentially clicking on something that you’ve implied is an extension of your brand.

If what they click on looks cheap, poorly constructed, or akin to a scam website, you’ll lose a huge amount of trust, and the rest of your article will have to work to win them back over if they even finish reading your post.

Getting on the wrong side of Google

More than ever before Google’s guidelines on quality have become important to business owners. Never forget that good SEO works with Google, not against them, to deliver fast and informative answers to people who search for specific keywords.

If your brand is suffering and you’re perceived as being a spammy business with any old link stuffed into your content, Google is going to treat you as such, and your rankings will plummet.

When you’ve put in so much effort to elevate a business to a certain standard, it’s disheartening to have the world’s largest search engine define you as a potential scam site.

Expired or broken links may reflect poorly on you

At one point, perhaps you had the best intentions when linking your content to something else. But if you aren’t monitoring your content for expired or broken links, you run the risk of it reflecting poorly on you and your business as a whole.

For instance, if you happened to write about an extremely niche subject in 2015, and it’s still getting hits to this day, you’re continuing to attract warm leads to your website. However, all it takes is one broken link or expired article link to cause a potential new customer to take a step back and worry if your business is able to assist them properly.

All of the above dangers can be avoided by implementing an innovative backlink monitoring tool. Not only are they able to keep on top of these issues for you and prevent them from happening again, but they can also help you to evaluate your competitors and future performance as well.

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