What is video marketing and how important for small businesses?

Attention small business owners! Are you facing difficulty in reaching your prospects, increasing engagements, or boosting conversions?

If you’re, then take a moment and think about what you’re doing wrong or missing out on.

Well, in most such cases, small business owners realize that they’re not using VIDEO to market their brand in the digital marketing space.

Some never think about it, while some believe it’s too expensive and they won’t be able to afford it. If you have the same thinking, then my friend, you have missed out on a lot.

Video Marketing is not as expensive and complicated as you think. All you need is a smartphone. 

With proper planning and a pinch of creativity, one can easily create engaging and informative videos for marketing.

Not convinced yet? No worries. 

Today in this blog, we’ll be discussing what video marketing is, its significance, the benefits it offers, how to create videos for marketing, and lastly, some examples.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

An Overview: Video Marketing

We all have heard the following phrase many times – a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Just imagine when a picture is worth a thousand words; what will be the worth of a video? You can multiply its worth by x1000. That is what video marketing is.

It’s one of the most powerful, engaging, and informative forms of marketing that not only engage your audience but bring valuable results.

If you are not familiar with the meaning of the term, let me tell you. 

The term ‘Video Marketing’ means using video as a medium to tell people about your brand and offering and promote them in an engaging way. 

Using videos can help in great ways. Through videos, you can increase the engagement rates on your social and digital channels, educate your targeted audience and give a new medium through which you can reach them.

The Significance of Video Marketing in the Digital Space

If you still haven’t started using videos, then you have missed out on a lot. Video has become a significant part of marketing. This asset of marketing has gained a lot of traction in the past few years across businesses of all scales, including small businesses and entrepreneurs.

A survey conducted by Renderforest helped businesses to identify how video can help them. As per their research, adding a video to your marketing campaign can help to increase brand awareness by 70%, improve the traffic rate by up to 51% and lastly, boost sales rate by 34%.

Isn’t that amazing? Indeed, videos are miraculous in nature. The secret behind their popularity lies in their ease of educating and engaging with audiences across different platforms.

Many small businesses are now incorporating videos in their marketing plan to engage, entice, convert and retain new prospects. 

The Advantages of Video Marketing

With every passing day, more and more businesses have started using videos excessively to communicate with their prospects and clients. In this list, you might also find a lot of your competitors as well. 

Maybe not all of them have uploaded videos on their website because of the leading speed issue, but you’ll find videos uploaded on all of their social profiles.

Now here comes a question ‘why should one upload videos on social platforms as posts?’

Here are some of the advantages of posting videos on socials:

  • Increase visibility on the feeds
  • Improve the understanding of your offerings
  • Increase engagement rate and get more exposure
  • Engage with the audience on a personal level
  • Helps in becoming popular and gives a chance of going viral
  • A powerful sales tool
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Facilitates standing out from the crowd

How to Create Videos for Marketing?

In the marketing world, video marketing has proved itself as a leader and the most powerful of content. This is the form of content that audiences these days are expecting to see more and more. 

If you have not jumped on this bandwagon, then it’s high time you should get started, as it will help you in the long run.

Now, talking about making videos. If you don’t have the budget for it, don’t worry because if you have a good smartphone in your hand, that’s everything you need.

You can shoot and edit videos in it. And if you have the budget and want to opt for animation as your video style, then you can outsource your video project to any reputable animation outsourcing company. 

The ball is in your court. You decide what’s good for you and your brand.

Popular Examples of Video Marketing

So now, if you’re ready to invest in video marketing, then you need to take a look at some of the ideas which can help you to determine how to go about it.

So here we are ready to present some of the video content ideas:

Explainer Videos

Let’s start off with the most common ones. It is a short form of video that is typically used by brands for marketing and sales purpose. The main function of an explainer video is to shed light on the offerings of a brand or their business’s ideas in an efficient and compelling way.

Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos are short-form educational videos that are created to explain to customers how a particular product or service works in actuality. Apart from explaining the usage process, it also highlights all the core features and benefits of the product/service. 

The aim of creating such a video is to encourage them to take action (purchase or subscribe).

How-to/ Educational Videos

As the name suggests, these videos tell how to do anything. These videos are created to teach something online to the audience. 

There are many educational video production service providers who can create such types of videos for your brand.

Customer Testimonial Videos

It’s part of human psychology to believe in things that others say. This is why customer testimonial videos are important. 

As your prospects want to ensure the product or service they are purchasing is exactly what they need. So, they look for your existing customer and what they have to say about your brand.

So, when a customer expresses his/her views about your product or service, it increases your credibility and reliability.

In Conclusion 

That’s all for today. I hope by now you have understood the significance of video marketing, why you should incorporate it in your marketing plan, and lastly, the benefits it offers.

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