5 Essentials For Your Off-Roading Adventure

If you are new to off-roading, the potential for adventure can be overwhelming. Setting up your vehicle for an off-roading season means upgrading it with both function and comfort in mind. There are a lot of choices to make your off-road build unique, but there are also a few that are so essential they are almost mandatory, no matter what kind of vehicle you are starting with.

Lift Kit and Suspension Upgrade

This one is necessary for most vehicles, although there are some that come pre-lifted in today’s market. You can still benefit from an aftermarket lift upgrade in many cases, however, because it lets you control your exact ride height. Aftermarket suspension upgrades also provide you with more advanced materials and designs than OEM parts typically have. That means better performance in the field, where it matters.

Add a Winch

A little extra muscle is never a bad thing when you are out on the trail, and a winch gives you that muscle. It is the go-to resource for pulling yourself free if you get stuck, and a good hoist/winch combo is also useful for towing other vehicles out if a friend gets into a pinch that can’t be remedied with field repairs. You might not want to haul it all the way home, but you can at least pull it within reach of a tow truck.

Roof and Truck Bed Tents

If you are headed into the great outdoors, it helps to have a plan for a roof over your head. While there are exceptions, off-road trucks and SUVs do not tend to be the most comfortable places to sleep, but they are compatible with a wide range of elevated tent choices. Rooftop and truck bed tents allow you to set up shelter quickly and sleep securely, with speedy takedown in the morning so you can get back on the trail.

Secure Your Cargo

There are a lot of off-roaders who swear that pickup trucks are the best choice for trails, especially once they are fully upgraded. The one big drawback to an open bed, however, is exposure to the elements. Securing your cargo means knowing the best truck bed covers for off-roaders and investing in something that can provide you with true protection in the wilderness, like a folding tonneau cover.

Keep a Toolbox for Emergencies

Anything can happen out in the field, and a hidden toolbox for truck bed storage is a great way to securely stash those emergency tools. Being out of sight means it is safe from friends who might borrow something important and forget to stash it back where you will need it if there is field repair work to do. It’s a great way to make sure you are always prepared and your gear is always accounted for.

If this seems like a lot, you are just getting started. The best thing to do is to remember that truck customization is a process. You don’t need to get everything at once, or even in one season. You can also make your money go further if you look for deals like an AutoAnything promotion code for discounts.

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