6 Reasons You Should Run an Instant Car Check

In a world where information is vital, making informed decisions is paramount, especially when purchasing a vehicle. While buying a car can be exciting, it’s equally crucial to delve into the vehicle’s history through a comprehensive car background check.

An instant car check of any used vehicle provides a comprehensive report encompassing all relevant details about the vehicle you intend to buy, including its previous MOT history, among other factors. It covers the basics like the make and model and delves into car ownership history, precise mileage records, MOT history, and other crucial aspects when buying an affordable car for a student.

 Here are six compelling reasons why you should consider running a thorough instant car check before sealing the deal:

1) Has It been stolen?

The primary and arguably the most crucial reason to conduct an immediate instant car check on a used vehicle is to ascertain its theft history. While the likelihood of purchasing a stolen car might be relatively low, it is not implausible!

The nightmare scenario after acquiring a new, used car involves law enforcement showing up at your doorstep seizing your recent acquisition due to its prior theft status. Such an unfortunate situation not only results in the loss of the vehicle but also leaves you financially impacted.

2) Revealing Accident History:

Accidents happen, but it’s essential to know the extent of a vehicle’s history. A comprehensive background check can reveal past accidents, providing insight into the importance of damages and repairs conducted. With this knowledge, you can decide about the car’s condition and potential future issues.

3) Validating Odometer Readings:

Odometer fraud remains a prevalent concern in the used car market. An instant total check can help you verify the accuracy of the odometer readings, ensuring that the mileage aligns with the information provided by the seller. This step safeguards you from purchasing a vehicle with more wear and tear than advertised.

 4) Is there any outstanding finance?

Similar to the capability of checking for any criminal history linked to a used car, a vehicle check also reveals the presence of any outstanding finance on a vehicle you are considering buying. This issue commonly arises with private sellers and poses the risk of the car potentially facing repossession in the future.

With a quick and easy check, determine if a car carries any outstanding financial obligations, assuring you to purchase confidently.

5) What is the actual value?

Another compelling reason to conduct a car data check on a used car is to determine its actual market value. This holds significance because the prices of used cars in the market are subject to constant fluctuations, and sellers often aim to price their vehicles at the higher end of the scale.

By running a car background check, you gain access to the most recent market value of the car you are considering. It is expected to discover that many used cars are listed for sale above their genuine market worth. This information ensures you do not pay significantly more than the market value. Conversely, if you stumble upon a rare find—a car priced below market value—you can swiftly recognize it as an opportunity to make an offer and seize the deal promptly!

6) Has it ever been written off?

Cars are declared “written off” when insurance companies determine the repair cost is no longer financially feasible. However, being labeled as written off doesn’t imply a car is beyond repair. Following such incidents, insurance companies often sell these cars to specialized firms that undertake repairs, bringing them back to the market, and all parties involved typically profit from this process.

Conducting a background insurance check provides valuable information on whether your potential car has been previously written off. This knowledge serves as an indicator, offering insights into potential structural or engine damage that the vehicle might have sustained in the past.

In conclusion, investing time and resources into a comprehensive car reg check is a small yet invaluable step toward ensuring a smooth and transparent vehicle purchase process. By arming yourself with detailed information, you can confidently navigate the used car market and make decisions that align with your budget and expectations.

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