Car brands with the highest customer satisfaction ratings revealed


The numbers are in, and the news isn’t all good. Overall customer satisfaction with cars fell by 1.3% from 2022 to 2023, according to a study

 Many luxury carmakers gained points, while some mainstream brands fell behind.

After interviewing 4,708 customers chosen at random between Jan 2022 and Jan 2023, the American Customer Satisfaction Index concluded overall customer satisfaction fell to a score of 77 out of 100, down from 78 in 2022. Here are the numbers published online. 

  • Lexus (84)
  • Acura (82)
  • Audi (82)
  • Infiniti (82)
  • Cadillac (80)
  • Tesla (80)
  • Mercedes-Benz (79)
  • BMW (77)
  • Volvo (76)
  • Lincoln (75)

The study found that drivers who own a so-called mass-market car are most satisfied with comfort, dependability, driving performance, and safety; these areas all scored 81 out of 100. Drivers are least satisfied with warranties (75) and fuel economy (74). In the luxury segment, drivers are happy with comfort (84), interior (83), and safety (83), though warranties and fuel economy sit at 79 and 76, respectively.

Some car companies are celebrating as you read this: Toyota, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Acura, and Infiniti rose by 1%, 3%, 3%, 8%, and 9%, respectively compared to 2021. Others are likely rethinking at least some aspects of their business model: Hyundai and Mazda both dropped by 1%, Honda fell by 6%, Dodge dropped by 5%, while Volvo and Lincoln each lost a percentage point over the past year.

Japanese and South Korean manufacturers collectively gained a percentage point, meaning they’re tied for first with European brands at 79. American carmakers posted a score of 77; General Motors rose by 1% to 78, Ford fell by 1% to 76, and Stellantis posted 75 after losing 1%.

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