Ducati MG-20 electric bike review

Folding the bike is relatively easy. It uses the same folding points as almost all folding bikes – one in the middle of the frame and one in the headtube. The pedals also fold to make it that little bit more compact, but, given the size of the frame and the 20″ wheels, it’s not as compact as other folding bikes. If you are looking for a bike to take with you on public transport or hide under your desk, I’d suggest something smaller and a little more lightweight. But for general urban trips or last-mile rides with cycle parking at your destination, this is a decent shout. 

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The components on the MG-20 are entry-level as you’d expect. The mechanical disc brakes were underwhelming, but it is nice to see a choice of gears rather than single-speed on a bike at this price point. Instead, you have six Shimano gears to choose from, although I rarely used the top three, even on hills, as the motor does a grand job of getting you to the top without much fuss.

Ducati has included two lights, the front being wired in and controlled by the display unit, while the rear is battery powered and attaches with a rubber mount on the seatpost. There is also a bell integrated on the left-hand brake lever, and mudguards to protect you from the inevitable British weather. 

Overall, it’s a decent first try from Ducati but there are obvious places they can make improvements. They have just released a new off-road folding e-bike, the SCR-E which looks like it may have taken consumer feedback on board.

Where can I buy it?This bike can be purchased from one of Ducati’s UK dealers, including Moov Electric. 

How does it arrive?It’s easy to unpack, as it arrives folded. You then need to attach the bars and stem faceplate, the seat, and if you want to include mudguards they are also in the box. 

VerdictThere’s plenty going for the Ducati, its striking looks and relative compactness. However, other folding bikes offer slightly more for the same price, so the brand has its work cut out for it if it wants to be competitive in this market. 

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