Eskuta KS-450 e-scooter review


The thumb-accelerator lacks a bit of feel which makes it harder to judge how much pressure is needed to ride at lower speeds, compared to high speeds. Sure enough if you press down hard you will accelerate and maintain a top speed, but at lower speeds it can be hard to find the sweet spot if you’re trying to keep the throttle down while turning.

In Beginner mode this is less of an issue, but in Normal and Sport it did make the KS-450 e-scooter is less controllable when turning in tight spaces, as pressing the accelerator can make the scooter lurch forwards. Perhaps contributing to this further is the front-wheel-drive layout and considerable torque sent to the front wheel in Sport mode.

Despite this setback the KS-450 is pleasant to ride. Normal mode provides an excellent balance and gives you plenty of confidence while Sport offers a little more joie de vivre.

The Cruise mode certainly takes a bit of getting used to. Sometimes you can find yourself thundering along near to the 15.5mph and the cruise mode kicks in which can be a little unnerving. Thankfully it’s easy to exit, which is done by using the brake or pressing the accelerator again.

Is there anything I need to consider before I buy an Eskuta?

Electric scooters are currently illegal to use on public roads and pavements, restricting you to use on private land only. The government has revealed plans to legalise electric scooters, but devices aren’t likely to be eligible for use on public roads until next year.

While the KS-450 is designed to be folded and carried, even the lightweight design is still fairly hefty: you wouldn’t want to be lugging this around for long. Sure, it’s a doddle to load into the boot of a car, but you wouldn’t wanting to carry it more than you had to.

On that note, the folding mechanism is very robust, giving you absolute confidence that the KS-450 won’t spontaneously collapse while riding along a (private) road at 10mph. You simply uncouple the handle bars from the rear-brake and then with a clip the handle bars into place. Easy.

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