Geely launch new EV brand Radar with electric pick-up truck but how much is it?

Chinese car giant Geely have launched another EV brand and shown off its first venture: an electric pick-up truck.

Called Radar Auto, the brand is “starting with trucks but is much more than just trucks”, promising to create a large electric portfolio also including SUVs and even ATVs.

Its debut vehicle, the RD6, will be built on Geely’s new Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), which is set to be used by other upcoming cars within the brand’s family, including the Lotus Eletre, Polestar 4 and Smart #1.

This will allow the pick-up to be powered by either a single or dual-motor powertrain. Performance figures and range are yet to be disclosed.

The RD6 was designed by Lotus creative chief Peter Horbury, who will also head up other designs for Radar.

The truck is equipped with a front boot, due to a lack of combustion engine, as well as a load bed with external charging ports. Further details are scarce, though.

Horbury said: “The Radar product portfolio is focused on electric pick-up trucks and SUVs. This direction challenges us to mix functionality and usability with aesthetic form.

“Our aim is to let Radar users expand their horizons and explore nature in a sustainable way.”

“It would have a driving range of more than 600 kilometres per charge” can confirm.

Claiming to be China’s first electric outdoor-lifestyle brand, Radar has confirmed that it will offer vehicles only on the Chinese market for the time being.

Geely is said to have invested 2.42 billion yuan (A$517 million) in a new manufacturing facility in Shandong Province, and Shandong.

Parent company Geely is already planning to launch fellow Chinese brand Zeekr in the West, which could pave the way for Radar to follow suit in the future.

Will it come to the UK? Yes, this is the plan, starting probably in 2022/2023, priced from around £70,000

The RD6 electric pickup will begin production and deliveries in China in Q4 of 2022

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