Mercedes-Benz to Introduce a Compact G-Class Model

Mercedes-Benz is set to expand its lineup by introducing a smaller version of its iconic G-Class SUV in the coming years. This “baby G” model, as it’s currently referred to, will serve as a flagship vehicle within Mercedes’ new family of ‘Entry Luxury’ models.

The announcement was made by Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius at the Munich motor show, where he described the upcoming model as “a son or daughter of the iconic big G” and assured that it would be worth the wait.

A New Addition to the ‘Entry Luxury’ Lineup

The compact G-Class is expected to make its debut around 2026 and will become the fifth model in Mercedes’ ‘Entry Luxury’ range. This lineup includes the recently unveiled Mercedes-Benz CLA concept, among others, and is part of the brand’s strategy to diversify its offerings.

The new model will be available with both electric and combustion powertrains, catering to a wider range of customers. It will share the versatile Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA) platform with the upcoming CLA, allowing it to offer rear-wheel and four-wheel drive options in select markets.

Different Platform from the EQG Electric SUV

It’s important to note that the compact G-Class will utilize a distinct platform compared to the larger electric EQG SUV. While the EQG will adopt a reworked version of the existing combustion G-Class’s ladder-frame chassis, the baby G-Class will follow the MMA platform, aligning it with Mercedes’ electric vehicle (EV) strategy.

Establishing ‘G’ as a Sub-Brand

Aside from entering the popular rugged crossover market, the introduction of the compact G-Class will help solidify the ‘G’ as a sub-brand within the Mercedes lineup, akin to the Maybach and AMG brands. This move builds on the success of the robust G-Class, which has been a strong rival to the Land Rover Defender.

Källenius highlighted the potential for Mercedes to expand its top-end portfolio with captivating products, hinting at the possibility of each of their top brands spawning more extensive lineups.

Advanced EV Technology

Like the upcoming CLA, the compact G-Class will feature an 800V architecture, allowing for rapid charging. In just 15 minutes, it can add up to 248 miles of range using a 250kW charger. The vehicle is expected to employ a new type of electric motor developed in-house, offering a range of outputs, including an entry-level rear-wheel-drive variant and a powerful dual-motor AMG model.

To meet the demands of various markets, the baby G-Class will likely offer a choice of batteries, including lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide (NMC) options. While these batteries provide an impressive range in the CLA, the G-Class’s boxy design may affect its efficiency slightly.

A Focus on Luxury and Off-Road Capabilities

In line with Mercedes’ vision for the new ‘G’ sub-brand, the baby G-Class aims to provide an unparalleled combination of luxury and off-road capability for electric vehicles. This strategic move reflects the brand’s commitment to catering to a diverse clientele while staying at the forefront of automotive innovation.

As Mercedes-Benz continues to expand its offerings in the luxury EV market, the arrival of the compact G-Class promises an exciting addition to its lineup, offering customers the iconic G-Class experience in a more compact and environmentally friendly package.

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