Tesla’s New Driver Drowsiness Warning: Using Cabin Camera to Enhance Safety

Tesla has introduced a new feature called the Driver Drowsiness Warning, utilizing the cabin camera in its vehicles to assess a driver’s level of fatigue and alertness. This innovation aims to enhance safety and prevent accidents resulting from drowsy driving.

The Driver Drowsiness Warning Feature

This feature has made its appearance in the European owner’s manual for the Tesla Model 3, under the section labeled “Active Safety Features.” The Driver Drowsiness Warning is described as a system designed to identify signs of driver drowsiness by analyzing both facial characteristics and driving behavior. When it detects patterns indicative of drowsiness, the system triggers an alert.

Specifically, when the vehicle is driven at speeds exceeding 65 km/h for a minimum of 10 minutes and Autopilot is not in use, the Driver Drowsiness Warning activates. The alert is displayed on the car’s touchscreen in the cards area, and an audible alert is sounded to alert the driver. The manual mentions that the alert will clear once the system determines that the driver is no longer displaying signs of drowsiness.

Integration with Autopilot

It’s important to note that Tesla has already been employing the cabin camera to monitor driver attention when Autopilot is engaged. The introduction of this new system is intended for situations where the vehicle is being operated without Autopilot.

Customization and Activation

For those who may have concerns about the feature or prefer to disable it, the manual explains that the Driver Drowsiness Warning can be turned on or off in the vehicle’s settings under Controls > Safety > Driver Drowsiness Warning. However, this choice applies only for the current drive cycle. Similar to other safety features in Tesla vehicles, the Driver Drowsiness Warning is set to automatically re-enable at the start of each drive cycle, ensuring that drivers are continually alerted to potential drowsiness.

Comparison to Other Systems

Tesla is not the first automaker to incorporate driver monitoring systems into their vehicles. Brands like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, BMW, and GM have already introduced similar features designed to gauge driver attentiveness. These systems often involve the use of in-car cameras to assess the driver’s level of alertness and intervene if necessary.

The introduction of the Driver Drowsiness Warning is a testament to Tesla’s commitment to improving safety and enhancing the driving experience for its customers. By utilizing advanced technology and real-time monitoring, Tesla aims to reduce the risks associated with drowsy driving and further solidify its position as a leader in automotive innovation.


In a world where road safety is of paramount importance, innovations like the Driver Drowsiness Warning in Tesla vehicles offer a significant step forward in preventing accidents due to driver fatigue. As Tesla continues to refine its technology and prioritize safety, it remains at the forefront of automotive advancements, contributing to safer and more efficient driving experiences for all.

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