The DeLorean is coming back as an EV sports car

Back to the Future quotes at the ready, the ultimate movie car is set to be reborn

DeLorean plots a 2022 comeback with new electric car

The DMC DeLorean looks set to be reborn as an all-electric sports car, with an updated version of the Back to the Future hero to be unveiled later this year. Film quotes at the ready…

The niche sports car brand has been quietly beavering away in the background for quite some time now, making parts to keep its classic cars on the road – but now, the company is getting ready to launch a new car.

The vehicle in the brand’s teaser certainly looks like an original DMC-12. Even though the video is poorly lit, you can see the prototype has the same windscreen shape, long bonnet and gullwing doors as the silver screen icon. This new prototype also appears to share the same brushed stainless steel bodywork as its elderly relative.

DeLorean has switched a couple of things up, though – namely the car’s front end. It looks like there’s a slightly different grille and a new badge which runs the full width of the car. The headlights seem to have been swapped for narrower units to make space for the new grille.

A tweet from the firm that owns the rights to the DeLorean brand – the Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company – seems to confirm that a luxury-orientated, gullwing-doored EV is on the horizon…
“The Future was never promised. Reimagine today. Sign up for the premiere of the DeLorean in 2022.”

The biggest change is set to be the powertrain. The original car was powered by a rather breathless 2.8-litre V6 engine, which developed 130bhp and 207Nm of torque.

The same video was also embedded in an Italdesign birthday tweet, suggesting that the design house founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro is involved in the project. This is very good news. Giugiaro of course penned the original DMC’s now-iconic stainless steel body.

You’ll know John DeLorean’s story by now, but the DeLorean Motor Company was founded by Brit Stephen Wynne in 1995 and has since offered repairs and rebuilds of original DMCs. It has made multiple attempts to bring the car back, with news of replicas being built in 2016 and even a 200bhp EV conversion all the way back in 2011. Let’s hope this time all the stars align.

The original DeLorean DMC-12 found its fame in the 1980s sci-fi film franchise, Back to the Future. However, while the car became a big-screen legend, the company that built it faded into the annals of history, folding only a couple of years into the car’s production run after a spate of financial problems and production difficulties.

DeLorean (at least as a nameplate) found its feet again branding and remaining parts inventory for the firm and set up a new private company headquartered in Texas with the aim of supporting the existing network of owners with parts and servicing.

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