The winners revealed of the 2021 Top Gear awards

It’s time to celebrate the very finest cars of the year. Yes we love a good sports car but whose got the money for that..not many. Here are the award winners from Top Gear Magazine.

Hyper GT of the Year: Pininfarina Battista
“It’s outrageous that a car weighing this much, that is not marketed on its track abilities, that is supposed to be slightly more laid-back that the Rimac Nevera, is capable of such feral aggression…

Saloon of the Year: BMW i4
“We don’t always saddle our awards with such tiring concepts as accuracy or a gluey adherence to definitions. No surprise then that this year’s Saloon of the Year isn’t, ahem, a saloon…”

Manufacturer of the Year: Hyundai
“We’ve been here before. Three years ago, we named Hyundai our Manufacturer of the Year. This was based on a trio of impressive products, both naughty (the i30N hot hatch) and nice (the hybrid Ioniq and electric Kona). They all remain on sale, joined by an even more diverse and talented cast of characters…

Engine of the Year: Singer’s DLS Project
“Over all the other elements that make the DLS as spectacular as it is, the engine stands proud. It is a masterpiece of engineering…”

All The Car You Need… of the Year: Skoda Fabia
“It’s not very Top Gear to get excited about such a sensible car, but sometimes we too just want to jump in and drive away on an instantly unmemorable journey…”

Luxury Car of the Year: Mercedes-Benz EQS
“With the EQS, Mercedes is attempting something most carmakers have failed to pull off in the past five decades: build an enduring rival to literally the S-Class of luxury cars…”

Family Hatch of the Year: Renault Megane E-Tech
“It feels low and lithe to drive. It corners precisely, there’s little delay or roll. It’s about 100kg lighter than the VW [ID.3], and feels agile with it even if the steering is numb. It makes use of the low centre of gravity, with a ride that’s free of rocking and pitching. Wind and tyre noise are muted. It’s warm hatch lively, yet serene…”

Family Car of the Year: Ford Mustang Mach-E
Chris Harris’ Car of the Year: Porsche 911 GT3
Concept of the Year: Porsche Mission R
Freddie Flintoff’s Car of the Year: Ginetta G55 Supercup
Design of the Year: Vauxhall Mokka
Paddy McGuinness’ Car of the Year: Aston Martin Victor
Crossover of the Year: Kia EV6
American Car of the Year: Ford Bronco

Car We’re Most Looking Forward to Driving in 2022: Lotus Emira: “What a breath of fresh air the Lotus Emira is. A sport car. And get this: a sports car without an axe to grind. No hybrid or EV. No mega-digit power outputs. A sports car for today, then. From a marque where yesterday was a long time ago. And it had often looked like tomorrow might never come…


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