Ward off spirits with Guardian bell

There is a belief about guardian bell motorcycle that if it is given as a gift to a biker, it becomes good luck charm for receiver. When small road gremlins try to harm that biker, motorcycle guardian bell becomes his shield. It fights with that evil spirits and protect him from any crash. These road demons are always waiting to harm motorcyclists. That’s why if any of your loved ones is a biker, you should give this protective guardian bell to that person. If go alone to a long journey, you won’t worry enough. Guardian bell motorcycle can reverse its magic if someone stole it and hang it with his own bike. Let’s learn further about this amazing motorcycle guardian bell.

How Guardian bell motorcycle can be a life savior?

When the biker is on the road, the road demons try their best to create a problem for the him and to drop him. They also try to distract his attention from riding so that he would fallen away. If you are hanging a guardian bell motorcycle, then you can ride you bike smoothly, because you will have someone to fight with that evil spirits and that are good spirits of guardian bell motorcycle.

If suddenly you have any mechanical issue in your bike, these gremlins are responsible for it. They create the mechanical problems in the motorcycle that may cause accident. But if you have a good charm that is guardian bell motorcycle, it’s ringing sound can stop them to closer to your bike. 

The ringing sound of guardian bell motorcycle trap them inside and not let them run. They lose their powers and not able to fight with good spirits. Good always wins over evils that’s why these road gremlins can also not win. In this way guardian bell motorcycle can be your long journey friend and savior. 

Guidelines of motorcycle guardian bell

This motorcycle guardian bell can not be used in any way. There are some specific rules to follow and some things should be avoided which are given below:

  • It is best that motorcycle guardian bell is given as a gift. As the powers of motorcycle guardian bell can only be activated be good will so a biker can’t buy it and hang it on his own bike by himself. If a biker gives motorcycle guardian bell to his fellow biker because he cares for him, the powers will be twice.
  • Always attach the motorcycle guardian bell to the lower part of bike. So, if any road gremlins come in the way it can be easily caught in it. No one would be able to escape if motorcycle guardian bell is attached to the bike near the road.
  • Always remember that you can’t sell a motorcycle guardian bell with the bike. If you are going to sell your bike you must have to remove it first from the bike, because it was good gesture for your loved one.
  • Only one motorcycle guardian bell is enough for one bike. If you have one, you can enjoy your safe ride. This is love of your closed one for you.

Never steal a Guardian bell

As I told you from the start that guardian bell is a good gesture for you from your loved ones. So, it’s showing its powers only in this case. Only someone’s pure feelings can call good spirits and can activate powers of guardian bell. Guardian bell is not an ordinary bell, the holy powers are with it who protects you.

If someone thinks that he can use it by stealing it from a bike or biker, then it’s absolutely wrong. Its powers will be reversed can be dangerous for him. This bad gesture can make good spirits angry. The good spirits can hurt him to teach him a lesson.  He will not get any profit of it. Therefore, one should not do such an evil act. 

Stealing anyone else thing is not good act, so everyone should avoid it. But stealing guardian bell can be fatal act. The reason is it’s a holy bell and it can punish it’s prey itself. This evil act can harm badly to the person who steals guardian bell.


This is all important information about guardian bell which can help you a lot if you are going to buy one for your loved one. The good spirits of motorcycle guardian bell always protect the biker from hazards by fighting against evils. But condition is that there should be good feelings and thinking behind it. If not or if someone steals it, then that person should not expect any good thing from this guardian bell motorcycle. Some rules of guardian bell motorcycle must be followed when using it. Never sell it with bike and always attach it near the road. 

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