10 classic David Bowie movies

David Bowie, the iconic musician known for his groundbreaking contributions to the world of music, was also no stranger to the world of cinema. Throughout his artistic career, Bowie recognized the power of theatrics and explored various forms of acting, adding another dimension to his artistic vision. From starring in arthouse films to Hollywood blockbusters, Bowie’s foray into movies showcased his versatility and artistic range. While he may be best known for his music, his impact on the world of film is undeniable. In this article, we delve into the stories behind ten classic David Bowie movies, each offering a unique perspective on his talent and contribution to the silver screen.

David Bowie always knew the power of theatrics. Whether he was studying mime with Lindsey Kemp in the late 60s or adopting a series of different performances, acting in various forms was part of his artistic vision. It was inevitable that he would eventually appear on both the big and small screens in a range of roles, from the subject of landmark documentaries to the star of arthouse movies and Hollywood blockbusters alike. Here are the stories behind 10 essential David Bowie films.

Cracked Actor (1975)

The stars aligned in the summer of 1974 when Alan Yentob flew out to the US with a BBC film crew to shoot a documentary profile of Bowie around his Diamond Dogs tour. The pale, skeletal Englishman abroad they encountered was jittery and fragile, wired on cocaine and drowning in American pop culture. But they also caught an embryonic superstar on the cusp of morphing from alien glam rocker to chart-topping, zoot-suited plastic soulman with the Young Americans album.

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