10 Funniest Barbie Characters Ranked

Barbie Fever” continues to sweep the globe at the global box bagging $775 million so far!

Barbie’s Comedy: A Hilarious Summer Blockbuster Redefining Female Representation on Screen

Barbie has taken the summer by storm, waltzing her way into the hearts of moviegoers, shattering box office records, and revolutionizing studio comedies and female representation in the film industry. It’s impossible to overlook the crucial role humor plays in the film’s success.

10. Kenmaid: The Unexpected Patriarchal Warrior

The movie introduces Kenmaid when Barbie confronts the effects of patriarchy in her world. The delightful surprise of seeing John Cena reunite with his fellow cast member from The Suicide Squad adds to the film’s charm. Kenmaid, with his emphatic rendition of the Kens’ favorite song, “I Want to Push You Around (And I Will),” quickly becomes a fan favorite. Despite only appearing for a few frames, Cena’s iconic “Hi Barbie!” and ukulele performance leave a lasting impression.

9. Lizzo: The Voice behind the Laughs

Lizzo’s original song “Pink” sets the tone for the creative comedy, giving insight into Barbie’s life in Barbieland while expressing her inescapable thoughts of death. Although she doesn’t physically appear in the film, Lizzo injects plenty of personality, elevating the humor as she joyfully exclaims “Death!” during Barbie’s ridiculous morning routine.

8. Gloria: The Hilarious Mom

America Ferrera breathes life into the often thankless role of the mom. Balancing her cynical daughter’s antics, she brings laughter every time she interacts with Barbieland. Her standout moments during the car chase with Mattel executives and her unabashed admiration for the Indigo Girls while singing “Closer to Fine” add to the film’s comedic brilliance.

7. Mattel CEO: The Comedic Studio Executive

Will Ferrell’s portrayal of the CEO of Mattel encapsulates his signature comedic style. Attempting to return Barbie to her box, he humorously presents himself as an ally to women’s struggles. Ferrell’s familiar presence grounds the daring film in a recognizable studio comedy construct, guaranteeing laughs with each scene, whether he’s jumping over cubicles or leading a team on a tandem bicycle. His insistence on being called “mother” leads to one of the movie’s biggest laughs.

6. Tourist Ken: The Perfect Foil

Simu Liu, known for his sitcom star role on Kim’s Convenience, excels as the adversary to Ryan Gosling’s character. Liu’s comedic prowess shines through in every situation, from intense dance battles to his willingness to beach off anytime.

5. Allan: The Awkwardly Lovable Sidekick

Michael Cera’s portrayal of Allan, the awkward but lovable character, adds charm to the film. Upset with the patriarchal changes in Kendom, Allan teams up with the Barbies to save their home. Each cutaway to Allan garners a laugh while highlighting his distinctiveness from his friends. Cera’s ability to refreshingly play a familiar character showcases his talent.

4. Weird Barbie: The Eccentric Exposition Maven

Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie breathes comedic life into the exposition scenes. Representing the world-weary doll who’s seen it all, her bizarre designs and eccentric personality add to the humor. McKinnon’s unique style of comedy finds the perfect match in Weird Barbie, making her a standout character throughout the film.

3. President Barbie: The Unforgettable Scene Stealer

President Barbie’s every line steals the scene, from her confusion over The Godfather to her triumphant bleeped-out swear word in celebration of the Barbies’ victory. Issa Rae’s flawless transition from President Barbie to brewski beer Barbie showcases her comedic prowess, with many of her one-liners deserving a place on t-shirts. Her presence, whether at the Pink House or girls’ night, is an undeniable joy.

2. Barbie: The Heart of the Ensemble

Margot Robbie brings consistent moments of comedy to Barbie’s character. From her heeled feet mishap to the final line at her gynecologist appointment, Robbie delivers humor with finesse. Barbie’s existential crisis serves as a springboard for the ensemble’s humor, with Robbie striking the right balance and maintaining the character’s integrity.

1. Ken: The Surprisingly Liberating Performance

Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken stands out as a liberating breakdown of traditional masculinity. Like Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids and Tiffany Haddish in Girls Trip, Gosling’s performance is revelatory. He embodies both a hilarious hero and a delightful antagonist, impressing audiences with his expertise in all things horses and beach, not to mention his fabulous dance sequences that remind us to embrace our true selves.

Breaking Barriers: Barbie’s Impact on Female Representation in Cinema

Beyond its comedic brilliance, Barbie’s film brings a significant shift in female representation on the big screen. The movie showcases strong female characters who drive the narrative and display a range of personalities, strengths, and vulnerabilities. This refreshing approach challenges traditional gender norms and reinforces the importance of empowering women in media.

The Art of Cameos: Supporting Characters That Steal the Show

The film’s supporting characters, such as Kenmaid and Weird Barbie, demonstrate the art of a well-executed cameo. Though appearing briefly, they leave a lasting impact, contributing to the film’s comedic success. The strategic use of cameos adds depth and richness to the storytelling, making the movie an unforgettable experience.

Breaking Stereotypes: Ken and Allan’s Role Reversals

Ken and Allan break stereotypes associated with their respective characters. Ken’s portrayal challenges traditional masculinity, showcasing a more vulnerable and humorous side. Meanwhile, Allan’s awkward but lovable persona defies the conventional expectations of male sidekicks. These character arcs exemplify the film’s commitment to breaking free from societal norms and promoting authentic individuality.

The Power of Humor in Challenging Patriarchy

Barbie uses humor to shed light on the effects of patriarchy, both in her fictional world and our own. Through laughter and satire, the film addresses serious societal issues, encouraging audiences to reflect on the role of gender expectations and stereotypes in their lives. By combining comedy with social commentary, Barbie creates a thought-provoking and entertaining narrative.


Barbie’s comedy has not only dominated the summer box office but has also redefined female representation in cinema. The movie’s stellar cast, including standout performances by Ken, Allan, and Weird Barbie, showcases the art of comedic cameos. Moreover, the film’s humor challenges traditional gender norms and confronts patriarchy with wit and charm. Barbie’s impact reaches beyond its comedic brilliance, leaving a lasting impression on audiences and paving the way for more inclusive and empowering storytelling in the film industry.

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