10 Movie Songs For Your Christmas Party Playlist From Xmas films

We love a good Christmas film

Very often we can think of a song and attribute it to a film…that’s how memorable soundtracks can be. From classic carols to magical scores to songs that help tell the story, Christmas movies are known for being full of merry music.

So if you’re looking for just the right songs to rock around the Christmas to at your next holiday party, plenty of Christmas films have got you covered. Whether it’s a Bing Crosby ballad, a Charlie Brown classic, or the latest from Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, some holly jolly songs are musts for this year’s Christmas party playlist.

‘Christmas Vacation” (‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation follows Clark Griswold during an unforgettable holiday season spent trying to have a good, old-fashioned Christmas despite his large family’s eccentric personalities and less-than-merry remarks while battling his ungrateful boss for a much-needed Christmas bonus.

While the film features several memorable songs, the main title “Christmas Vacation” is an upbeat tune that sets the tone for the entire film. Lyrics like, “Gonna make this holiday as perfect as can be” sarcastically foreshadow the antics Clark gets up to while trying to give his family a great Christmas as the pop-rock song introduces the movie.

“That Christmas Morning Feelin'” (‘Spirited’)

Spirited is the latest take on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and tells the story of Will Ferrell’s Ghost of Christmas Present, who receives some important advice from their latest Scrooge, Ryan Reynolds’ Clint Briggs in this musical comedy.

The musical genre is at the forefront of the film, featuring epic song and dance numbers from Ferrell, Reynolds and others throughout the movie. The catchiest of all is “That Christmas Morning Feelin’,” sung at the start of the film and then reprised during the end credits, and both explains the premise and wraps up the film.

“The Polar Express” (‘The Polar Express’)

The Polar Express is a heartwarming musical about a young boy who loses his belief in Santa Claus and is transported onto a train to the North Pole where he and several other children are reminded of what it means to believe.

While Josh Groban’s “Believe” and Billy and Hero Girl’s “When Christmas Comes To Town” are the film’s signature ballads, the song most suitable to get your guests up and dancing is the title track “The Polar Express,” sung by Tom Hanks as his conductor character explains the magic of the Polar Express.

“Snow Miser” And “Heat Miser” (‘The Year Without A Santa Claus’)

The old stop-motion Christmas classics went a little wild with sequels back in the day, but the most memorable has to be The Year Without A Santa Claus. The film follows Mrs. Claus’ attempts at trying to get her husband Santa not to give up on delivering presents.

But it’s Snow Miser and Heat Miser who stole the show with their iconic song and dance numbers. The two, conflicting brothers are known for controlling the weather, Snow Miser performing his chilly tune while Heat Miser arguably has the hottest song in the film.

“Mele Kalikimaka” (‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’)

“Mele Kalikimaka” may not have been written for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but this Hawaiin Christmas carol plays at a memorable moment in the film when Clark daydreams of the pool he plans to put it with his Christmas bonus before unexpected family members show up and make a splash.

While it’s been covered by several other artists over the years, “Mele Kalikimaka” was most notably performed by Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters in 1950, the Hawaiin classic charting on Billboard and Rolling Stone throughout the years.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” (‘Elf’)

Elf turned Will Ferrell into a Christmas icon and launched actress Zooey Deschanel to superstardom when it premiered in 2003. While the film is full of unforgettable quotes, it’s Ferrell and Deschanel’s duet that lives on as a classic movie moment.

Ferrell’s Buddy doesn’t understand boundaries, appearing in the bathroom as Deschanel’s Jovie sings “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” while in the shower. After the initial shock, Buddy eventually joins her for the memorable duet of the song that has been recorded over 400 times by various artists, according to Wikipedia.

“You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” (‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’)

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas is one of those nostalgic, animated holiday films that tells The Grinch’s tale of going from a heartless, Christmas hater to a loveable character whose heart grows with Christmas spirit by the end of the rhyme.

The film and its starring character spawned its own Christmas carol “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” sung by Thurl Ravenscroft and written by Dr. Seuss himself. With lyrics that depict all the ways The Grinch is a mean and monstrous character, this song is sure to start a sing-along among your guests.

“Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” (‘Home Alone’)

With a hilarious, heartwarming story and beloved characters, Home Alone doesn’t need music to make it memorable, but that doesn’t mean it’s without a song and dance number of sorts. When Kevin catches on to the burglars’ plans, he assures them his home whole is full by blasting a Christmas song and orchestrating some mannequins and life-sized cut-outs to dance around the house.

The song Kevin plays is “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee, and while it wasn’t written for the film, it stands out as a famous carol among the movie’s beautiful, merry score by John Williams.

“Linus And Lucy” (‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’)

A Charlie Brown Christmas is an annual tradition in households all over the world, who watch as Charlie Brown and The Peanuts gear up to put on a holiday play while Linus wonders the mean of the seasoning and Charlie Brown decorates with a misfit tree.

While “Christime Is Here” is the known ballad from the Christmas special, it’s the song that doubles as franchise’s theme that is most remembered from the film. Titled “Linus and Lucy,” this upbeat piano tune will have your guests up and dancing just like The Peanuts.

“White Christmas” (‘White Christmas’)

“White Christmas” may be best known as a Christmas carol, but it also doubles as a holiday classic starring its singer, Bing Crosby. White Christmas came out in 1954 and was titled after the song, following Crosby’s Bob Wallace and his group of musical friends who put on a show to raise money for their old World War II commander’s inn.

To end the film, Crosby, along with Rosemary Clooney,Vera-Ellen and Danny Kaye perform Crosby’s classic song while ballerinas dance around them, the slow but nostalgic song the perfect way to end your party calm and bright.

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