10 Movies About Relationships With Age Difference

These days, no one is surprised by a relationship where a man is a lot older than a girl. Neither is a relationship where a woman is older than a guy. It’s even fashionable to have a spouse much younger than oneself.

These are movie stories that change our perception of the age difference, proving that the numbers in our IDs aren’t crucial to the true feelings. Check out the TOP 10 age difference relationship movies that show nothing matters if you really love someone!

1.   Prime

23-year-old artist Dave falls in love with 37-year-old Rafi, a New York City resident, and businesswoman. Rafi is somewhat disturbed by the fact that she has become one of the not-so-young women for dating “green” guys and tries to make sense of the situation with the help of her therapist Lisa. Rafi doesn’t mind some kind of romantic story, but the age difference is too significant. Lisa convinces her that all sorts of crises can arise at her age, and therefore, she should just have fun without a second thought. However, everything changes when Lisa discovers that her own son is making love to Rafi.

2.   Copenhagen

This drama takes place in the list of age-inappropriate relationships movies for a reason. Nowadays, the following situation is familiar. For movie news fans, It’s about a young man who comes to Copenhagen to learn the truth about his father’s identity and mysterious past. However, he feels uncomfortable in a foreign country and soon meets a young waitress who offers to help as a guide and translator so that they can find his grandfather’s address.

They start having strong feelings for each other during their journey, but the man soon realizes that the girl he has fallen in love with is a schoolgirl almost half his age. Would you like to find out how things worked out? Just watch this movie!

3.   The Professional

The relationship between a killer named Leon and his teenage neighbor Matilda didn’t even have a hint of intimacy. Still, it can safely be called one of the most touching love stories in world cinema and takes the place of honor in the age difference romance movies list.

After corrupt cops brutally murder a girl’s family, she has nowhere to go but to her neighbor. Finding out what he does for a living, she, obsessed with the desire for revenge, asks him to teach her the skills of a hitman.

Leon’s clumsy concern for Matilda and her equally awkward affection for the big, silent man, as well as the heartbreaking denouement, can leave nobody indifferent.

4.   That Awkward Moment

The romantic comedy begins with two old friends traveling to the coast of Corsica with their daughters. They just want to relax and have a great time. The girls constantly disappear to fancy parties, but everything changes when one of them falls in love with her father’s best friend. That’s when the problems begin. Can this relationship have any prospect, given that the girl’s father is unlikely to approve of this affair?

5.   Sorry If I Call You Love

What are you willing to do for true feelings? The characters prove that to become happy, you should get rid of the stereotypes in your head. Furious senior Niki rushes into the life of 40-year-old Alex and turns everything upside down. She gives him new emotions, and he begins to feel the taste of life and enjoy the moment. As a rule, big age gaps in movies and life priorities lead to misunderstanding, and then Alex begins to remember the woman he deeply loved and with whom he made plans for a life together.

6.   Bright Days Ahead

Caroline is 60 years old, but she still looks stunning and full of energy. Her retirement becomes a major challenge for her. After only a couple of months, Caroline feels homesick because of idleness. Her husband and daughters worried about her and gave her a subscription to a retirement club.

At first, the heroine’s skepticism about this institution changes dramatically after she meets one of the club’s employees, a young and good-looking guy named Julien. Caroline is seized by passion and acts on her impulse, not knowing the consequences of her mad romance.

7.   The Reader

It’s a profound and incredibly moving story of first love and a terrible loss. The sudden feeling of an adult woman and a young man who meet by chance becomes a turning point in everyone’s life. The movie covers a long period of several decades, so we can watch how this relationship develops. Every viewer, who likes age difference romance movies, can follow how the characters change, how the frightening secrets of the past are revealed, and how the choices made by each of them will leave an imprint on their fates. Read our latest film reviews.

8.   Lost in Translation

If you adore melancholy tales of love, loneliness, and longing, you need to watch this picture. It’s about the relationship between a middle-aged American actor — Bob — and a young woman — Charlotte — who caught up in a hotel in Tokyo. They are two souls stuck in very different life stages. Their relationship seems spiritual, but they have a very ambiguous tone, and we never find out what Bob whispered in Charlotte’s ear, and perhaps that’s another of the charms of this film.

9.   Something’s Gotta Give

Another great movie release which sees Harry Langer who is no longer young. He has been working in the music industry all his life. Despite his age, Harry is a passionate lover who has a wife and a mistress. Still, he does not stop there and falls in love with a young, cute Maureen. His active lifestyle makes itself felt as time goes by, and after a while, in the house of his mistress Erica, Harry has a heart attack, which becomes the cause of the love triangle. The fact is that an ambulance doctor falls in love with Erica at first sight. The girl reciprocates his feelings, but she’s not going to end her relationship with Harry either. The motion picture confirms that age gaps in movies may lead to life changes and real troubles.

10.                Malena

Malena is a gorgeous woman whose beauty is known throughout the town. The talk about her doesn’t stop, even when she leaves. Once news of her husband’s death in the war arrives, more and more men start to give her filthy and angry looks. Women hate and contempt Malena. Any woman is defenseless before society, and beauty doesn’t save in this case, but only makes the situation worse. We see the story of this unfortunate woman from a new boy’s point of view. He has just come to town with his parents and, like other men, he fell in love with  Malena. He becomes the only one who didn’t turn his back on her when the whole town stigmatized this woman.

Age is just a number. Famous movie couples escpecially ones who walk the red carpet at London film premieres often have a big age gaps prove that repeatedly. Love movies with an age difference tend to be very different from the standard romantic pictures about peers. Although the feelings that arise in such couples are often as strong and deep as those of lovers of the same age, this nuance puts a certain imprint on their relationship. More movie trailers visit

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