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2023 Golden Globes – News, Opinion and the latest you need to know

2023 Golden Globes are expected to return as per usual after a nightmare 2022 with no celebs and little press.

The 2023 Golden Globe Awards: Tuesday 10th January 2023 (TBC)

The Golden Globe Awards 2023 star studded event Sunday 8th January 2023 (TBC). Globes latest news updates, nominees live Hollywood NBC broadcast HFPA

The most recent Golden Globes went ahead despite being pulled by NBC following a controversy surrounding voting body, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA).

Last year, the organisation’s voting membership faced a Hollywood boycott after it was revealed there were no Black members.

Will there be a Golden Globes in 2023?

NBC told MarkMeets.com that it would be open to televising the ceremony in 2023 if the HFPA were successful in its efforts to reform its organization.

The event in 2023 is expected to be televised ahain, said showbiz reporter Mark Boardman.

Many studios and notable figures openly criticised the HFPA, with Tom Cruise going so far as to return his three awards. The Golden Globe Awards, telecast to 167 countries worldwide, honour both television & film, so top stars from both television and film attend this show every year.

Is This the End of the Golden Globes? – MarkMeets

News on it’s return to screens in 2023, here’s what you need to know.

The Golden Globe Awards occur in a very intimate setting (at the Beverly Hilton Hotel) that is smaller than the Primetime Emmy Awards or the Oscars (Academy Awards). Being the third most-watched awards show each year, this event is considered by celebrities to be their favourite awards show due to its more relaxed setting and more exclusive format. The formal ceremony is preceded by a dinner and has become more and more exclusive, thus obtaining tickets has become very difficult. However, Cornucopia is honoured to be able to offer you very limited tickets.

After Parties to events like The Golden globes and london film premieres are also available individually, including Warner Bros, In-Style, HBO, NBC/Universal, etc.

The 2022 Golden Globes would be “very stripped down [and] will centre on announcing this year’s winners while also focusing on the HFPA’s philanthropy work. There will not be an audience, only select HFPA members and philanthropy grantees will be in the room. There will be no red carpet and media credential requests for the event will not be accepted.” On 6 January, a HFPA rep added: “This year’s event is going to be a private event and will not be live-streamed. We will be providing real-time updates on winners on the Golden Globes website and our social media.” 

Golden Globes winners 2022: The full list

2023 Golden Globes -Official site of the Golden Globes with Winners & Nominees, exclusive Hollywood interviews, and historical pieces from the Hollywood Foreign Press.

Big news ahead!

2023 Golden Globes – Ricky Gervais asked Golden Globes not to ask him to host again: ‘I’m planning never to do it again’. The comedian, 60, revealed that he wants the 2020 Golden Globes to definitely be the last time he hosts the show after having done it five times already.

It has no effect on the world at large that Sunday’s 2022 Golden Globe Awards were not broadcast or livestreamed or the champs’ envelopes not conveyed through transporter pigeon.

Nobody cares. Not actually. Individuals have been keen on this industry joke since, well … never. It’s simply one more swollen, overhyped, self-salutary, time-suck entertainment ceremony that, with its cousins Oscar and Grammy, has been discharging watchers for as long as decade.

However, the show will continue, this year be condemned. Its future right currently is cloudy, however that will clear up sooner rather than later and, regardless of whether it’s not satisfactory skies ahead, it won’t make any difference. There’s an excessive amount of cash in question.

2023 Golden Globes

Last year’s Golden Globes broadcast on NBC battled to track down 6.9 million watchers – down from in excess of 18 million the prior year – and that didn’t have anything to do with a pared-down show because of the pandemic.

It was, somewhat, an aggregate yawn, regardless of – or perhaps notwithstanding – the ancient legend, adorned throughout the long term, that the liberal progression of liquor served to the stars who make an appearance for this three-hour (or more) gesture of congratulations will convert into “incredible” conduct.

That seldom occurs; the bleeped obscenity and the constrained “did they simply say that?” talks, produced to make “occasion TV” … don’t.

The one Golden Globes flashpoint second to which everybody alludes, consistently (so here we go), was Pia Zadora winning a statuette in 1982 for “Butterfly,” an independent film co-created by her then-spouse, Wall Street big shot Meshulam Riklis, which barely anybody saw and wasn’t delivered broadly until the following month.
You might have tapped on this in the wake of looking on your TV for the 2022 Golden Globes function and asked why it’s not on. We’re here to help!

This much we know: There will be champs of Golden Globes reported on Sunday, Jan. 9. We will find out about it.

However, the function – known for being a looser, more fun variant of the Oscars that likewise gives out equipment for TV series – will not be broadcast. Why? What’s the arrangement? How about we clarify everything for you:

Better believe it, it most certainly surprised me as well. In any case, the function is going on Jan. 9.

2022 Golden Globes

Believe it or not. Nothing on TV. Nothing livestreamed. Simply a past (new-?) formed “follow it on Twitter” sort of Sunday night.

So you’ll catch wind of the victors, simply via online media or on the Globes’ website.

We should return to last February re Golden Globes. It was then that a Los Angeles Times report dropped uncovering that there was certifiably not a solitary Black individual from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s gathering of Golden Globe electors.

Stars (counting Scarlett Johansson and Tom Cruise, who returned his three Globes in dissent) and studios – Netflix, Amazon and WarnerMedia among them – started to separate themselves from the association and called for change, and in May, the HFPA reported far reaching developments encompassing its participation.

In any case, the greatest move? NBC reported in fight wouldn’t communicate the 2022 honors service. From USA TODAY:

“We keep on accepting that the HFPA is focused on significant change. Notwithstanding, change of this size requires some investment and work, and we feel emphatically that the HFPA needs an ideal opportunity to do it right. Accordingly, NBC won’t air the 2022 Golden Globes. Expecting the association executes on its arrangement, we are confident we will be in a situation to air the show in January 2023,” NBC said in the assertion.

Per USA TODAY: “NBC said it needs to give the HFPA time to determine its concerns and expectations it will be feasible to communicate the occasion in 2023.”


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