9 Incredible Oscar 2020 Nominees That Will Blow Your Mind

We all know that watching movies is one of the best ways through which students relax their minds. Knowing that movies can be addictive, someone must have a precise schedule of watching their favourite movies. As well, it is necessary to identify movies for students, and you will not end up bored. Every person has a different taste when it comes to movies. In this article, we have combined some of the best picture nominees that you can watch during your free time.  

-Best Pictures to watch: 

  • Jojo Rabbit 

Experts suggest that the best way to enjoy a movie is by choosing an interesting one. Jojo Rabbit is both a drama and comedy, which will leave you yearning to watch similar movies. It features an interesting story of a boy who discovers that his mother has hidden a girl in the arctic. The unfolding of events will have you glued to the screen up to the end of the movie.  

  • Ford v Ferrari 

This is one of the Oscars best pictures that one should think of watching. If you are a lover for sports, then this is the title you should be thinking about. The movies are about an attempt to make a revolutionary vehicle as well as racing. It is a drama that most students will find interesting.  

  • The Two Popes 

This is a movie for the lovers of the catholic denomination. The movie gives a full account of how two popes strategize to find a common path for the catholic church. The unfolding of events will give the best movie experience that you can think of.  

  • Joker 

The Joker is one of the 2020 Oscar nominees that you should have already watched. It is both a comedy and a thriller. Therefore, the plot will help you relax your mind.  

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 

If you decide to watch this movie, ensure that you have undistracted two hours and forty minutes. The best part of the movie is that it has plenty of comedy. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting bored by its length.  

  • 1917 

This is a drama and action movie which features the era of the first world war. Hence, if you love movies depicting ancient ways of fighting, this is the best title you should be thinking about. The action in the movie will have you focused on watching it till the end.   

  • Parasite 

The movie is a Korean black comedy and thriller. If you feel stressed and wish to laugh out to gain some energy, then this is the movie for you. The comedy will have glued to the screen throughout the movie.  


  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 

If you plan to watch the Oscars, then you should ensure that you choose a title that interests you. A beautiful day in the Neighborhood is one such title. It is an investigative movie. 

-Best ways to save time for watching all these fabulous movies 

We all know that watching movies can be very addictive. Therefore, if you do not plan your time well, the chances are high that you will end up missing important chores while watching movies.  

Below are some of the ways of how to save time in college: 

○ Budget your time wisely 

As a student, you can be faced with a lot of assignments and exams to study for, hence making it a challenge to have extra time for watching your favorite movies. When you have a question: “Who will write my essay for me?” The good news is that you always can find professional help and will forget about lack of time or you only have to budget your time wisely and you will realize how much free time you have. Such is best done through the creation of a study timetable.   

○ Stay focused 

Another way of saving time to watch movies is by staying focused. As a result, you will not be easily distracted by other activities that might stress your mind. If you have planned to watch movies at a particular time, then it is advisable to do so. Failure to follow the schedule may result in you having a pile of work, something which is stressful.  

○ Don’t afraid to ask help from writing services  

Concisely, you already know what to do for you to enjoy your Oscar nominations 2020 movies. As long as you plan your time well and choose interesting titles, then you will have the best movie experiences possible. 

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