‘Batman V Superman’ At $421.4M Offshore; ‘Zootopia’ Crosses $500M; ‘Deadpool’ Tops $750M Worldwide

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice to continue at the top of the overall chart, albeit with a sizable dip. Warner Bros’ DC superhero face-off grossed $85.1M on 28K screens in 67 territories for an international total of $421.4M thus far.

The weekend number is a 66.5% drop from its overseas Easter debut of $254M. Last year’s Easter winner, Furious 7, fell 19% in its sophomore frame (although the second weekend included a nearly $70M one-day start in China). Some other recent 2nd weekend drop comps include Deadpool at -36%, deadpool-suitJurassic World at -48%, Avengers: Age Of Ultron at -16.5% (on a very different release pattern) and X-Men: Days Of Future Past at roughly -44%.

Batman v Superman

Deadpool overtook X-Men: DOFP to become the biggest movie ever in the franchise with a $752M global cume — and that’s without ever seeing the inside of a Middle Kingdom theater.

With an estimated $85M in China for Batman V Superman, that remains its biggest play. However, the boys and Wonder Woman had a big fight on their hands there this session as local pics moved in and grabbed the top two slots; Zootopia also bunny hopped over it in the Middle Kingdom to take 3rd. (In total, Zootopia zoomed past the $500M international mark in its 8th frame with a $30M weekend.)

BvS had gotten off to a strong China start last weekend, falling within industry projections at $57M, but it lost a lot of screens this frame with the local holiday pics in play. Marvel is a better-known brand in the PROC and with each subsequent DC film, it’s thought the profile of the characters will grow as will the box office. Still, this one suffered from word of mouth and looks like a squeaker to pass $100M. There are some more local films on deck next weekend along with London Has Fallen before Jungle Book opens on April 15.

The worldwide tally is $681.3M which sees BvS surpass the global lifetimes of Man Of Steel, Thor 2, Iron Man 1 & 2, Ant-Man and Captain America, among other superhero titles.

Earlier in the week, MarkMeets were hearing predictions of anywhere from $550M-$800M as a final international tally for BvS. That big gap is beginning to close with folks now hovering in the $600M-$675M range. The reviews that didn’t hurt Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent last weekend will have made an impact in the sophomore session; and the long holiday in a lot of markets last frame was also a big boost. Next weekend, the black- and red-caped ones will have Universal’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War to contend with in 18 markets including the heavyweights of Australia, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the UK.

The major expansions this sessions included Eddie The Eagle, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and 10 Cloverfield Lane. Kung Fu Panda 3 also kicked its way into France and beat the superheroes for No. 1. Breakdowns on the above and more are below.

batman v supermanThe superheroes added $85.1M in their 2nd frame, repping a drop of 66.5% versus last weekend’s start. The international total grew to $421.4M which surpasses the lifetimes of both DC precursor Man Of Steel and Fox’s Deadpool (which did not release in China). Speaking of China, there was a bit of kryptonite in the market this weekend which saw the Tomb Sweeping holiday sweep local films into theaters and push BvS down to 4th place with a $12.4M FSS. The total there is $85M with a $100M finish now a question mark.

Elsewhere, BvS has seen strong results in Latin America where it is the 3rd biggest WB film of all time with $79.3M in the region after 11 days. Mexico now has the record for the biggest WB film ever ($29.7M) and it’s the 4th biggest superhero film behind the two Avengers movies and Iron Man 3. Brazil has amassed $21.75M and also makes BvS the biggest WB title of all time there. Other notables are Japan where with $9.7M it is bigger than Man Of Steel; and Spain where $9.2M also takes it past MoS and Deadpool.

The UK pulled in an estimated $6.4M for a $39.7M to-date total. Germany grossed an estimated $3.4M, leading the market and with a cume of $14.4M. Australia also grossed $3.4M for a solid $17.2M total. France’s weekend was $3.2M with 376K admissions and a total $14M. Korea added $2.95M, bringing the cume to $14.5M. Italy added $2.1M for $10.3M and Russia notched up $1.8M for $11.2M.

In IMAX plays, BvS passed $50M global with $53.4M through Sunday. Offshore, 571 IMAX screens will take in $5.8M for a total of $28.1M.

ZOOTOPIAThese animals just won’t be caged. Disney’s anthropomorphic juggernaut drew another $30M from 52 markets in the offshore frame for a $511.7M international total. The global cume now stands at $787.64M with Japan still to open. Buoyed by school holidays, Zootopia continues to perform strongly throughout Europe and also had a great weekend in China, down 25% with an additional $12.8M which was good enough to blow past BvS. The cume in the Middle Kingdom where it has been granted extended play is $215.3M. Meanwhile, Korea posted an increase of 11% in its 7th weekend with a cume of $23.4M.

Notable holds also include the UK where the sophomore session dipped 24%, for a gross to date of $18M. Germany, in its 5th frame, is set to re-claim the No. 1 spot in terms of admissions, per Dis. The cume there is $26.8M. Belgium, Poland and Sweden posted increases of 116%, 10% and 6%, respectively. Australia also jumped by 1% with a cume of $11.1M. The film has held the No. 2 spot in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and Russia.

The worldwide total gives Judy Hopps & Co bragging rights to the 5th highest-grossing original IP animated release of all time globally. Zootopia is also now the 12th highest grossing animated release ever globally.

With a $19.2M session, DreamWorks Animation/Oriental DreamWorks’ threequel takes its cume to $323.6M in 67 markets. It opened big in France with $4.07M, snatching first place away from Batman and Superman and outperforming comp Monsters University by 23% in the debut. In India, KFP3 scored the biggest animated opening of all time with $2M on 686 screens. It’s also the 5th largest start ever there for Fox. Holds were strong elsewhere with only an 8% dip from last weekend in the UK ($16.24M cume). Belgium, notably, was up 85% from last weekend which followed the terrorist attacks earlier that week. Holland is the last major market to bow on April 13.

greekwedding2Acting as a counter to the bulging testosterone of the superhero mash-up, Gold Circle Entertainment, Playtone and HBO’s sequel to the 2002 smash sleeper added $5.6M in 19 territories this weekend where Universal is releasing. The international total is now $18.4M for a global cume to date of $54.9M. Openings this frame included Brazil where MBFGW2 debuted No. 3 with an estimated $819K at 320 dates including last week’s previews. The start is 37% higher than the original film. Colombia opened No. 5 with $112K at 90 dates and Peru had a good bow at No. 4 with $111K at 65 dates — 21% bigger than the opening of MBFGW1. In holds, Australia came off its great opening last weekend with good results during the week and put another $2.2M in the dowry this session. The 11-day total is $7.4M. The UK is holding at No. 5 with a 10-day total of $3.5M. Next weekend Nia Vardalos & Co strut down the aisle in Greece, Cyprus, French-speaking Switzerland and Panama.

Paramount’s JJ Abrams-produced spinoff grossed $4.6M in 28 markets including 17 new openings this weekend. The international cume is now a solid $18.2M. Among the launch markets, Germany leads with $775K at 354 locations. The result is 10% above Disturbia, and 45% below Cloverfield which opened during staggered school holidays, Par notes. Russia was good at No. 3 with $762K from 738 cinemas; that’s 19% above Cloverfield. Elsewhere, Taiwan took $297K at 73 sites, 4% above Cloverfield; and Thailand added $232K at 64 locations landing it at No. 2. The 3rd weekend in the UK stashed away $700K from 390 sites for a cume of $6.4M, and France grossed $300K at 237 locations for a $2.7M total.

Still playing in 79 markets, the penultimate Divergent movie added an estimated $4.3M. The top play remains France with $12.3M after four sessions, followed by Brazil at $6.9M and the UK at $6.3M. The overseas total is a lackluster $80.3M with Australia to come on April 14.

“Little Lee” DiCaprio is still in the Top 10 in China with a $3M frame there to bring the Middle Kingdom cume to a fantastic $58M. In total, the Oscar winner grossed an estimated $4.3M from 5,809 screens in 20 markets. The international cume is now $334M, with France ($26.7M cume) holding well in its 6th weekend.

Eddie The Eagle 2The Hugh Jackman/Taron Egerton-starrer entered select international markets this weekend, earning $3.1M from 2,227 screens in 42. Fox released to $901K on 490 screens in Germany which is the studio’s top market on the film. It placed No. 5 in what’s described as a “fair” start. Mexico was the No. 2 market with $309K from 351. Both of those were ahead of comp Billy Elliot by 22% and 450%, respectively. Eddie flies to Korea and Russia next weekend.

MIRACLES FROM HEAVENSony debuted its Jennifer Garner-starrer in Mexico this weekend with a $2.3M start on 864 screens. That was No. 2 behind Batman V Superman. Audiences are reacting positively with strong word of mouth expected to generate a long local run. The international cume now stands at $3.4M ahead of releases in Brazil and Colombia.

After becoming the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time globally, Deadpool this weekend crossed the $750M mark to become the top X-Men movie ever. The international cume is now $399.3M with $1.4M added this weekend from 1,178 screens in 31 markets. The global cume is now $752M.

Universal’s comedy had its openings in France and Russia this weekend. In 12 offshore territories, the estimate is $570K taking the international total to $31.7M and the worldwide haul to $122.5M. France bowed with $169K at 103 dates, good for 6x the original film. Russia took 8th place with $301K at 313 dates. Ride Along was not released there.

The horror thriller stirred up another $570K in 12 territories for Universal. The international total is now $6M. The global gross is $30.5M. Argentina was a strong start at No. 4 with $320K at 90 dates. That’s higher than recent comps like The Boy, The Forest and Unfriended. There are 13 more releases planned over the next several months.

13 Hours (PAR): $1.2M weekend; $14M international cume
Hail Caesar! (Uni): $540K weekend; $30.8M international cume
The Danish Girl (Uni): $290K weekend; $52.4M international cume.
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