The Best James Bond Movies

Over almost 60 years of the existence of Bondians, 10 actors played the well-known agent 007. The premiere of the last film from the franchise took place in September 2021, in which Craig played Bond for the last time. Who will become a new agent 007 is unknown, but numerous rumors say that a woman will become a bond.

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Consider the best films in the history of the franchises and the coolest casino scenes. And if you want to feel the atmosphere of the casino, as in the films about Bond, then fans of the genre will be able to get this in Bodog online slots

Best Movies About James Bond

According to the audience, one of the best films about Bond is considered to be the 1964 Goldfinger: 98% of the audience preferred the third movie about agent 007. Further, the best is considered to be:

  1. The casino Royale (2006) – 95%;
  2. From Russia with Love (1963) – 95%;
  3. Dr. No (1962) – 95%;
  4. Skyfall (2012) – 92%.
  5. Goldfinger (1964) – 98%


This is the third film of the franchise, and it is precisely this picture that is considered the standard. The film was created according to all the canons of classical Bondiana, to which the directors will adhere for the next 50 years.

The Goldfinger budget made it possible for the screenwriters to add several episodes with explosions to the film, and even today the creators of the Bond films are trying to observe this canon and not use computer graphics.

It was this film for the first time that became really action-packed: the villain turned out to be really strong and insidious, as they say, worthy of Bond.

It is also interesting that in this film, Agent 007 will first opt for a car of Aston Martin, after which the DB-5 model will appear in various films.

A great contribution to the success of the picture was made by the leading actor of agent 007 – the skilled Sean Connery. This is the best film about James Bond of all, where he drove the protagonist.

That is why the picture was on the list of exceptional, becoming the standard of classical bondiana. Fans of the Bond franchise can also be interested to know about the classic video game based on the films.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a film in which Daniel Craig first played the role of agent 007. The movie brought the actor the love and recognition of the public, and it is not for nothing that many consider this film the best of the whole of Bondiana.

It is in Casino “Royale” for the first time the viewer sees the inner world of Bond. The picture is permeated with psychologists, and the main struggle here is conducted inside the main character.By tradition, in each film, agent 007 has a satellite. Here it is an employee of the British treasury, Wesper Lind, played by Eva Green. Lind is the heroine of the first novel by Jan Fleming, according to which this movie was filmed. It was Vesper Bond really fell in love, but fate breeds them.

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Another fascinating storyline of the film is the confrontation between agent 007 and Le Schiff, played by MADS Mikkelsen.

From Russia with Love

This film is perceived as a very modern picture: it is here that agent 007 receives at its disposal numerous gadgets and begins a protracted struggle with the main villain of the entire series, Ernest Blofeld. In addition, this is just a stylish spy film in which the atmosphere of the Cold War is skillfully beaten and where Sean Connery appears at the height of his creative forces.

Dr. No

This is the first film about Bond, which does not just enter the top five of the best, but also set the mood for the rest of the franchise. “Dr. No” Bond does not yet have high-tech gadgets, so to fight the villain he uses mainly developed intelligence and sharp language.


Skyfall closed the 5’s best films about James Bond. The plot of the movie is very intense and dramatic. There is a lot of chase and fuss in the picture, and the culmination leaves no one indifferent.

Casino and James Bond: the Best Scenes

In every movie, Bond visits gambling houses and this is one of the components of the image of a secret agent, as well as scenes with dry martinis. This is probably due to the fact that the creator of the original book series himself made Chemin-de-Fer the favorite card game of Bond. “Nine” is a variant of the casino -game of Baccarat, it is considered an original, canonical version of the modern game.

Although Nine is a favorite game of 007, in the films he often plays other gambling, such as the Texas Holden in the casino of the Royale. 

The Best Casino Scenes

In general, in the films about Bond there are a lot of exciting scenes with a casino, and here are the best of them:Dr. No (1962). The very first film tells about the style of James Bond: performing dangerous tasks, love for beautiful women and dry martini (mix, but do not shake), resting in a warm climate, battles with villains, and, finally, a game of casino. The film begins with a scene in a fictional Le Cercle casino in London, where agent 007 plays at a card table in the Nine. During the game, he notices a certain lady (the first girl of Bond, Sylvia Trengch), who watches how he plays. He impassively opens his cigarette case and appears in his style. Fans of films about agent 007 can monitor the news from the Bond world on the official website.

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Thunderball (1965). The fourth movie is about James Bond and other movie with a memorable stage in a casino. In the main role, Connery is again here, but this time he plays in a casino in Nassau, in the Bahamas. In this scene, he again plays cards with the villain Emilio Largo. The game quickly flows into a battle of minds.

Casino Royale (2006). Judging by the name of this film, it becomes clear that most casino scenes are collected in this film. Moreover, several games in the Texas Holdem, which are shown in the film, are extremely important for the plot. The solid part of the film takes place in the casino. In the main scene from the casino, there are several players involved in the game. It’s a fun fact that real players are involved in the scene. They join Bond to play against the main villain Le Chiffra.

The scene from Skyfall with the casino game is the best in the history of the franchise. The action takes place in the Floating Dragon casino in Macau, everything is thought out in the scene.

  • 300 flying lanterns;
  • huge dragons;
  • magical atmosphere.

Due to this scene the film is one of the most memorable in the entire history of the franchise.

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