Captain America 3 in the works

Captain America 3 is reportedly already being planned by Marvel.

While Marvel is still focused on releasing Captain America: The Winter Soldier in April, sources tell Variety a third film is being planned, with Anthony and Joe Russo back in the director’s chair.

Captain America 3 in the works | MarkMeets Movie News |
According to the insiders, Marvel was impressed by how well audiences were responding to test screenings of the second film. While it hasn’t officially been greenlit, the “threequel” will go ahead assuming Winter Soldier does well.

Chris Evans is slated to return to the title role, and says he will not be giving away any plot points for the possible third movie.

“Sometimes I will let it slip to like my brother-in-law, who is a huge comic book geek. I will be like, ‘Oh, yeah, that is what we are doing,’ and he is like, ‘What?! I’m like, ‘Don’t tell! I never said that! Shut up.’ He is all fired up. But that is the best thing about Marvel,” Chris previously stated.

“That is why Kevin Feige is a f**king genius. He knows what the audience wants because he is the audience. He is that comic book fan. So he is not like some money man twisting his moustache while being like, ‘I think they will like…’ He knows and he is a comic book fan. So anything that he gets excited about, the fans get excited about.”

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