Daniel Radcliffe ‘Frankenstein’ movie pics revealed

Former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has been getting down and dirty as he gets stuck into his brand new acting project, a role in a remake of Mary Shelley’s gothic tale Frankenstein.

Daniel Radcliffe 'Frankenstein' movie pics revealed
During filming in London yesterday (February 26), the 24-year-old star showed off a shaggy new hairstyle for his part as Igor, the lab assistant to Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, who brings a monster to life through a series of questionable experiments.

Rolling around the craggy landscape of a sandy pebble beach as he clambered around, apparently trying to escape from someone, or something, Daniel was certainly a million miles away from his role as famous boy wizard Harry Potter.

 Daniel Radcliffe looks muddy and wet as he throws himself into filming his part as Igor in Frankenstein
Daniel Radcliffe looks muddy and wet as he throws himself into filming his part as Igor in Frankenstein

Various shots taken during filming in London yesterday (February 26) show Daniel in different parts of the plot, including him running along a city street as he tries to hide.

He can then be seen taking part in significantly more desperate scenes, scrabbling around the beach, clearly trying to hide from someone.

Daniel Radcliffe Frankenstein
Another shot show him drenched by rain, his long hair hanging on his neck, and his wrists bound by rope.

Daniel Radcliffe Frankenstein
The role, of course, is just one of many talented Daniel has taken on since his childhood rise to fame in the wizard series, with others including theatre roles in Equus, a part in the haunting film The Woman in Black, and a medic in the TV drama * A Young Doctor’s Notebook*.

But Daniel’s part in Frankenstein looks set to be one of his most talked about yet, with a full star cast joining him for the remake, including former Downton Abbey star Jessica Brown Findlay who will play Lorelei, and Scottish star James McAvoy, who is Victor Von Frankenstein.

The movie is expected to be released in January 2015.

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