Danny Dyer in Talks for a Football Factory Sequel: What’s in Store?

It looks like there might be exciting news on the horizon for fans of the cult classic film ‘The Football Factory’. The 46-year-old former ‘EastEnders’ actor, Danny Dyer, is reportedly in discussions with the original director, Nick Love, about starring in a sequel to the much-loved movie. As the 20th anniversary of the film approaches next year, this potential sequel is generating considerable buzz among fans.

“It would mean defecting from his beloved real-life club West Ham for Chelsea again, but Danny is happy to put on the shirt for another pop,” said a source from The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column.

“There’s an eager audience for this kind of gritty, British film, and if they can get the script right, they think it could be a massive success,” the same source added.

“Danny said at the time that the film was about so much more than hooliganism. It was about men and their complex relationships,” the insider revealed.

“The idea is that the new project would follow Tommy in the years that followed, what happened in the firm and the new generation coming up behind him,” the source explained.

Revisiting the Football Hooligan World

In the original film, Danny Dyer portrayed Tommy Johnson, a passionate Chelsea supporter who finds himself questioning his values and those of his friends amidst the backdrop of football hooliganism. The movie delves into the gritty world of football fanatics, exploring the complexities of male relationships and the impact of violence on their lives.

“Danny is a free agent after leaving EastEnders, and he has been in talks with the director Nick about a sequel to ‘The Football Factory’,” the insider disclosed.

“The film ended with Danny’s character Tommy recovering from being battered by a group of Millwall fans,” the source recounted.

A New Chapter: What’s in the Pipeline?

According to a source from The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, the sequel would pick up after the events of the first film, where we saw Tommy recovering from a brutal altercation with Millwall fans. The focus of the new project would be on Tommy’s journey in the years that follow, shedding light on the evolving dynamics of the football firm and the emergence of a new generation of hooligans.

“With a fresh script, the sequel has the potential to explore new themes, reflecting the changes that have occurred in the world over the past two decades,” the insider said.

Danny Dyer once expressed that ‘The Football Factory’ transcended the mere portrayal of hooliganism, and instead, it delved deeper into the lives of men and the intricacies of their relationships. With a fresh script, the sequel has the potential to explore new themes, reflecting the changes that have occurred in the world over the past two decades.

Embracing Football Culture

At the heart of the sequel will, of course, be football itself, as it was in the original movie. Fans can expect intense football rivalry, violence, and, undoubtedly, Danny Dyer’s trademark hilarious one-liners. Danny’s passion for the film and his character, Tommy, is evident, and he has been actively collaborating with director Nick Love to brainstorm ideas for the sequel.

“Danny has a lot of love for the film and has spoken to Nick about how it could work,” the source revealed.

“It’s about men and their complex relationships,” Danny Dyer once expressed.

It’s worth noting that this would mean Danny Dyer returning to his fictional football allegiance, trading his real-life club, West Ham, for Chelsea once again. However, it seems like Danny is more than willing to don the Chelsea jersey for another go at bringing Tommy Johnson back to life on the big screen.

Reuniting with Familiar Faces

As discussions continue, it’s exciting to hear that Frank Harper, who portrayed Billy Bright in the original film, is expected to reprise his role in the sequel. This could potentially bring back the camaraderie and chemistry that fans loved in the first movie.

“The original movie starred Danny alongside ‘Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels’ Frank Harper, as Billy Bright, and Neil Maskell, as Rod King,” the article stated.

“Frank is expected to reprise his role as Billy,” the source disclosed.

Anticipation and Potential Success

With a large and eager audience for gritty, British films, a well-crafted sequel to ‘The Football Factory’ has the potential to be a massive success. The original movie garnered a strong following due to its authentic portrayal of football culture and the compelling performances from the cast. If the script is honed to perfection, this sequel could not only celebrate the film’s legacy but also captivate a new generation of fans.

“There’s an eager audience for this kind of gritty, British film, and if they can get the script right, they think it could be a massive success,” the insider reiterated.

The Football Factory 2004

The Football Factory is a British film released in 2004, directed by Nick Love. The movie is based on the novel of the same name written by John King. It is a hard-hitting and gritty portrayal of football hooliganism and the violent subculture surrounding it.

The Football Factory grossed a total of £623,138 in the United Kingdom.

Plot Summary

The film revolves around the life of Tommy Johnson, played by Danny Dyer, a Chelsea football club supporter who is deeply involved in football hooliganism. He is part of a firm, a group of passionate and aggressive football fans known for their violent clashes with rival supporters. Alongside his friends, such as Billy Bright (Frank Harper) and Rod King (Neil Maskell), Tommy spends most of his weekends engaging in confrontations with other firms.

As the story progresses, Tommy starts to question the direction his life is taking and the values he holds. He grapples with the consequences of his actions and begins to contemplate the toll that the violent lifestyle is having on him and his relationships.

Throughout the movie, we witness the harsh reality of the football hooligan world, which is often fueled by rivalry and hatred between different clubs. The film doesn’t glamorize or romanticize this lifestyle but rather portrays it with a raw and unfiltered lens.


“The Football Factory” delves into various themes, beyond just football hooliganism. It explores the complexities of male friendships and the search for identity and purpose in a world of violence and chaos. The film highlights the damaging effects of toxic masculinity and the consequences of getting entangled in a life of aggression and crime.

Reception and Impact

Upon its release, the film received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised its realism and powerful performances, while others criticized it for its violent content. Nevertheless, “The Football Factory” gained a cult following over the years, especially among football enthusiasts and those interested in subcultures.

The movie’s impact on popular culture extended beyond the cinema screen. It became a reference point for discussions about football-related violence and hooliganism in the United Kingdom. The film also sparked debates on the portrayal of football fans in the media and raised questions about the underlying social issues that lead to such behavior.


As talks between Danny Dyer and director Nick Love continue, the excitement for a potential sequel to ‘The Football Factory’ is palpable. Fans of the original film are eager to see where Tommy Johnson’s journey will take him and how the football firm has evolved over the years. If the stars align and the project materializes, we could be in for a thrilling and authentic cinematic experience that stays true to the essence of the first movie. So, keep an eye out for further updates on this highly anticipated sequel and get ready to embrace the raw and intense world of football hooliganism once again!

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