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“One of the greatest strengths is being able to express vulnerability,” says David Triacca. He should know. The veteran actor has returned to film after a 20-year hiatus (you read that right). For viewers around the world, Triacca has not lost his edge. His most recent role in the short film, ‘Pap’s Manifesto,’ has earned him awards and accolades for Best Actor in several film festivals including the Indie Short Festival, the Jersey Shore Film Festival, the Southern Shorts Awards, and the Beaufort International Film Festival.

Triacca plays the role of Pap Mayflower, a father so deeply consumed with grief and pain over the loss of his son, that he plans to bomb a local mosque. The grief, says Triacca, is intense and physical. “There’s this [experience] that Pap has never felt before – is he making the right decision? He’s exhausted both physically and mentally from it.”

Playing a character like Pap is not new to Triacca. The award-winning actor, director and acclaimed acting coach has appeared in numerous television, movie, and theatre productions. His film and television credits include “The Equalizer”, “Law & Order,” “Love Crimes”, “The Off Season”, “The Untouchables”, “Mobsters”, “Last Exit to Brooklyn,” and others. Triacca is also a produced writer as well as co-founder and artistic director of the Groundworks Theatre Company. The company performs original showcase productions that have been highly acclaimed by the industry, both in New York and Los Angeles.

Triacca maintains it’s important to leave yourself open when it comes to playing a role. “I don’t dislike any character, because once you feel that way, you stop listening and end up making judgements instead. I ask, ‘how can I recognize this character?” In the case of Pap, recognizing the obsessiveness of revenge was key to understanding Pap’s intentions. “He is blind sided by what he’s doing.”

Interestingly, the film explores other, rarely discussed topics, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of losing a child. The Accelerated Resolution Therapy and Training Research organization states that a child’s death is especially traumatic because it is often unexpected, as well as being in violation of the usual order of life in which the child is expected to precede their parents. In the film, Pap’s son leaves a daughter behind, adding another layer to Pap’s grief.

As Triacca continues to pursue other acting roles (he says he is open to playing other, intense characters), he is looking forward to what lies ahead for ‘Pap’s Manifesto.’ The producers and directors are working on developing the film into a series. As for Triacca? He looks forward to reprising his role as Pap.

For more information on ‘Pap’s Manifesto,’ visit www.papsmanifestofilm.com

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