Is Zoe Kravitz the “perfect” Catwoman?

Jason Momoa says Zoe Kravitz is “perfect” as Catwoman in The Batman

The 42 year-old actor added that he was “so proud” of Kravitz after attending the New York premiere.
Jason Momoa has described Zoe Kravitz’s performance as Catwoman in The Batman as “perfect”, after he supported the star at the recent premiere for the superhero film in New York.

Zoe told at the premiere ‘My agent told me that I was on the list of actors they were looking at. Even that would have been enough to have been on that list was pretty wild. I flew out to LA to meet Mat Reeves.’

Zoë Kravitz reveals taking screen test with Robert Pattinson in half Batman costume and sweatpants.
33-year-old actress Zoë said that Robert was so good though that she wasn’t thinking, ‘Oh that’s Rob dressed as Batman, that’s weird. He was so wonderful that I totally forgot it was him.’

The actress takes on the iconic role of Selina Kyle alongside Robert Pattinson as the titular caped crusader, Paul Dano as the Riddler, Colin Farrell as the Penguin, and Jeffrey Wright as Gotham City Police Department Commissioner James Gordon.

‘The Batman’ fans hail Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman as best version of the antihero!

Zoe Kravitz even drank ‘milk from a bowl’ to get into character as Catwoman in The Batman. Zoë Kravitz says she even ‘interpreted’ Catwoman as bisexual in ‘The Batman’.

During one scene of “The Batman,” Selina Kyle enters her apartment in search of her friend Anika. Selina calls Anika her “baby,” a somewhat vague descriptor that leaves open the possibility that their relationship is more than just platonic.

When asked if this scene was meant to spotlight Selina’s bisexuality, Kravitz answered, “That’s definitely the way I interpreted that, that they had some kind of romantic relationship.” She then said “I agree” after the reporter expressed happiness over a film finally portraying Catwoman as bisexual.

The film’s director, Matt Reeve revealed that the film is “very true to the character of Selina Kyle.”

“She’s not yet Catwoman, but all the elements of how she’s going to become Catwoman are there,” he said. “And in terms of her relationship with Anika, I spoke to Zoë very early on and one of the things she said which I loved was that: ‘She’s drawn to strays because she was a stray and so she really wants to care for these strays because she doesn’t want to be that way anymore, and Anika is like a stray and she loves her.’”

The film, directed by Matt Reeves, is released in UK cinemas now, read The Batman movie review.

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Meanwhile Momoa took his two children, from his relationship with Kravitz’s mother Lisa Bonet, along to the screening, sharing photos of his family meeting some of the stars of the movie. He revealed he was “so proud” of Kravitz in the caption on Instagram, and that he was “so excited” to see her host Saturday Night Live next weekend (12 March), duties she’ll be sharing with Oscar Isaac.

“So excited for everyone to see @thebatman @zoeisabellakravitz you’re perfect as cat woman i’m so proud of you,” the actor wrote. “So excited for @snl next week you’re going to kill it. we had a wonderful time in NYC. Mahalo to the fans and press for being generous and giving us space for the children it’s hard enough separating in the public eye. we appreciate the continued privacy through these times aloha j.”

The Aquaman star was referring to his recent separation from Bonet after 16 years together and five years of marriage.
Meanwhile, The Batman producer Dylan Clark has hinted at the possibility of a sequel, revealing that the creative team “inevitably” had ideas about a follow-up, although he didn’t give much away regarding what those ideas might be.

Clark told press: “Well as I was doing some press last night, I overheard my friend Matt Reeves telling some other press that he was thinking about sequel ideas. We’re always focused on making sure this movie gets finished and delivered as well as it could – the hope is that it works and the audience likes it and supports us and wants more, and they want to see Robert again.

He added: “That’s the goal, of course. Do we have ideas about the sequels? You just inevitably do, because you’ll start to say, you know, wouldn’t it be cool if… you know, what we haven’t seen yet. And, you know, we didn’t get enough of Albert in this movie, or, you know, Gordon’s gonna do this in his career. So, you know, with 80 years of Batman in the canon and all these great comics, there are multiple storylines that are just exciting.

“We’re really focused on making sure this movie gets out in the theatres in the biggest way. And if that happens, and we’re rewarded to do a sequel, then we will be the luckiest guys on the planet.”

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