John Wick: Chapter 4, What Can We Expect?

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Well, we can certainly expect a lot more dead guys, right? John Wick has grown a huge fan base among the audience, as a character that was missed in modern cinematography. The ‘90s style action hero, shooting and beating his way through, driven by revenge and a sense of justice. Sounds like a guy we watched in our childhood, for the older audience, or the guy our parents talked about, for the younger ones. The Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Stallone, or Keanu Reeves type of heroes is again played on the big screens by, hey wait, Keanu Reeves?! This guy is not getting older. 

John Wick Saga Is Getting a New Chapter

Keanu has brought to life another hero with his magnificent performance of a retired assassin who is grieving the loss of his wife. As the events unfold and bring him back into the world he left behind, he starts his journey on a road of vengeance. Leaving bodies behind and killing baddies, he is dealing with everything this new situation has to offer to our hero. For the best offer, you can visit in the first chapter it was the Russian mob, second part brought the Italian mafia and more delicate relations between the assassin community and the infamous High Table. Without any spoilers, the third chapter is deeper and is revolved around the highest members of the High Table. So what will happen next?

Chapter 4 Release Date and Cast Members

This movie is long overdue, and the fans can’t wait anymore. The premiere of Chapter 4 was scheduled for May 2021. But due to the pandemic of coronavirus and scheduling conflicts with the Matrix 4 shooting, it was moved a couple of times before it got a certain release date which will be late March 2023. The cast will bring us some faces that we already know and also a couple of new ones. Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne, and Lance Reddick are set for return, while the cast will be strengthened with Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins and Bill Skarsgard, and others.

John Wick’s Will Face New Powerful Enemies

Some spoilers ahead. As John was exiled from the assassin organization under The High Table and betrayed by one of the few friends he has, Winston, things aren’t looking good. While all things are pointing out that John is dead as he is shot off the top of the building, enemies should know better as there is no John’s body to be found. The infamous Baba Yaga is taken by The Bowery King to recuperate and prepare for – yes, you guessed it – the vengeance! If you watch the trailer, it is obvious who will be the next villain and who is our hero’s ally. Keep in mind the treason from the end of Chapter 3 and try to keep these assumptions to yourself.


Fans can prepare for the next chapter of their favorite hero. Keanu Reeves and the gang have prepared a new story of an assassin that can not be stopped, and always finds a way to complete his mission. A couple of things are looking certain, so the audience can be excited about the future. The studio has already announced future projects that involve our beloved hero and the creation of a John Wick Universe of sorts. After Chapter 4 there will certainly be Chapter 5, which is in pre-production. There is also a spin-off called Ballerina which is in production already. The main role is given to the amazing Ana de Armas, who is an assassin, and her family is killed. So, she vows revenge on those who did it (who could expect that?!). The director of the movie will be Len Wiseman and there will be appearances of a lot of characters from the John Wick movies. The future looks good for the fans of this franchise.

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