Mena Suvari to star in The Wrecker

Mena Suvari has joined the cast of the action thriller ‘The Wrecker’.

Eyeconic Pictures, the recently formed production company from Al Bravo and Niko Foster, has announced that Mena Suvari (“American Beauty”) has joined the cast of action thriller “The Wrecker,” which stars Foster.

The 44-year-old American Pie actress is to star alongside Tyrese Gibson and Harvey Keitel in the new film from director Art Camacho.

Production on the film has started in Las Vegas with Chad Michael Collins, Ego Mikitas and Danny Trejo featuring in the cast.

The action/thriller picture titled The Wrecker screenplay has been written by Niko Foster – who also has a role in the flick – and follows ex-marine turned car mechanic Tony, whose life takes an unexpected turn when his reckless brother gains the unwanted attention of a notorious crime boss.

Foster is producing for Chasing Butterflies Pictures alongside Al Bravo for his Al Bravo Films banner. Additional producers include Colin Bates, Eduard Osipov, Michael Pizzimenti and Hemdee Kiwanuka.

Meanwhile, Mena published her tell-all memoir ‘The Great Peace’ in 2021 and confessed that she was worried about being so candid in the book.

The ‘American Beauty’ actress told the ‘Dear Chelsea’ podcast: “Initially, I felt so compelled to share it. I just had to express myself.

“It had its own process. Over the years, I had my diary and I had this book of poetry, this binder that I’d titled ‘The Great Peace’ from the past. It travelled with me for so long and I finally just looked into it again and at that moment – a couple of years ago – I initially just wanted to publish the poetry book. I felt like I could share enough but not all of it.”

Mena added that it was only thanks to persuasion from friends that she went ahead with the book.

She explained: “[My friends] encouraged me to tell all of it. At that moment, I went back and sat with myself and… you know, I felt ready.”

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