Mila Kunis talks about her movie ‘The Third Person’

Mila Kunis was relieved she didn’t have to play another girl-next-door character in ‘The Third Person’.

Mila Kunis talks about her movie 'The Third Person' | MarkMeets News |
The ‘Friends with Benefits’ star is set to play a working mother who is fighting her ex-husband, played by James Franco, for the right to see her son after he was taken away from her in a custody battle, and she’s admitted she revelled in the opportunity to take on a different kind of role.

Mila told YourTango: ”I loved it. Not having to be the girl-next-door character was a relief. I think my character is incredibly sympathetic and likeable for her faults.”

The 30-year-old actress – who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher – also claims that although she couldn’t relate to her character’s grief at losing a child, she was still able to draw on her own experiences.

She said: ”I may not have had a child that I lost but I’ve had experiences in my life that were equivalent to that emotional depth.”

Mila confessed, however, that while she puts her all into her character’s while on set, she doesn’t dwell on the emotional scenes once she gets home.

She explained: ”I’m more like, ‘Hey, what’s for lunch?’ I live it for the 20 minutes I’m on set that I need to live it.

”I feel like if I did a good job, and I’m emotionally drained at the end of the day, I don’t want to keep living it. I want to have a glass of wine and go to bed.”


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