Miranda Hart talks about working in 50 Cent in new movie ‘Spy’

Miranda Hart has revealed that she had to ”tackle” 50 Cent to the ground as soon as she met him, on their first day of filming ‘Spy’.

The 42-year-old British actress has revealed that on her first day of filming her first Hollywood movie ‘Spy’ with the 39-year-old rapper, she was asked to ”run at him”.

Miranda Hart
Miranda Hart

Miranda said: ”It was a bit pressured when I met 50 Cent. There’s a scene where I have to run at him and tackle him to the ground, but it was shot on the very first day of filming. It was like, ‘OK, welcome to ‘Spy’, meet 50 Cent, how do you do, now can you just literally run at him?’ ‘OK!”’

The ‘Call The Midwife’ star went on to add that filming with the ‘Candyshop’ hitmaker was very ”surreal”, but that he was ”very charming”.

Speaking to the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine, Miranda – who also stars alongside Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law in the film – said: ”It was a surreal day – something I never thought would happen in my professional life – and I was covered in bruises afterwards. But it was fun and he was very charming about it.

”In the next scene I was in a helicopter with 50 Cent, holding a big gun, pretending to be a spy and thinking, ‘What’s happened to my life? This is the best job ever!”’

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