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Tom Cruise is an American actor and film producer who has appeared in a number of popular movies over the years. He is known for his good looks, intense on-screen presence, and willingness to perform his own stunts. Some of his most famous movies include “Top Gun,” “Mission: Impossible,” and “Jerry Maguire.” In addition to his acting career, Cruise is also known for his involvement in the Church of Scientology.

Tom Cruise is a movies legend and will next be seen in upcoming Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning film. Cruise thanks fans for their support, then promptly jumps out of an airplane, hinting at even more wild stunts in Mission: Impossible‘s future. This isn’t the first time fans have seen Cruise jump out of a plane, and it won’t be the last.

Viewers haven’t been treated to a Mission: Impossible film since 2018, so it’s about time Paramount Global quenched our thirst. But if you’re wondering if Dead Reckoning will hold up against its predecessors, let’s take a look back at the franchise’s track record, according to IMDb.

6 Mission: Impossible II (2000) 6.1/10

Although boasting one of Hollywood’s most famous mountain-climbing sequences, Mission: Impossible II is the lowest ranked film on this list. Starring Dougray Scott as antagonist Sean Ambrose, and Thandiwe Newton as Nyah Hall, MI:2s acting and action carry this flat spy thriller all the way home.

The film shows Ethan and Nyah hunting down Sean in Sydney, Australia after he’s stolen a chemically engineered virus called Chimera. Despite being a bad sequel to a great movie, Chimera’s threats of a deadly pandemic make MI:2 more relevant today than it was twenty-three years ago, making it an essential viewing for any Mission: Impossible fan.

5 Mission: Impossible III (2006) 6.9/10

Although only number two on this list, the added performance from Philip Seymour Hoffman makes Mission: Impossible III one of most intense entries in this series. Trying to settle down, Ethan Hunt is forced back into spy work when Hoffman’s Owen Davian is revealed to be in possession of a deadly weapon.

Michelle Monaghan enters the franchise as Ethan’s wife, Julia, and falls into the center of MI:3s deadly game. Not only must Ethan recover the weapon, Rabbit’s Foot, but he must also save Julia from the clutches of Davian, a merciless killer of the likes Ethan has never encountered.

4 Mission: Impossible (1996) 7.1/10

The movie you didn’t realize was based on a TV show, Mission: Impossible introduced audiences to Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt as he tries to clear his name of his entire team’s murder. The film evokes nostalgia from the original television series while also making leaps into the modern age.

Ethan, without the help from IMF (a situation he seems to encounter in every installment) recruits franchise staple Luther (Ving Rhames) to help uncover the true culprit behind this eerie conspiracy. Many iconic stunts and tropes were made in this film, and would inspire countless callbacks in future installments.

3 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) 7.4/10

Stepping away from the first three installments, Cruise and Paramount Global seemingly open a new chapter for Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Audiences are introduced to a new era of the IMF, with Ethan teaming up with new faces William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) and Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg).

Practically a movie with the same plot as the original 1996 film, Ghost Protocol regales viewers with a tale of murder as Ethan Hunt once again is framed for an attack on the IMF, and must find the true culprit. Coupled with stolen nuclear bombs, and a leisurely climb up the Burj Khalifa, Ghost Protocol is an essential viewing.

2 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) 7.4/10

Tied with Ghost Protocol at a 7.4/10 IMDb rating, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation takes a larger leap into the modern era of espionage. In this chapter, Ethan’s recklessness has drawn unfavorable attention when CIA Chief Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) disbands the IMF, leaving him to fend for himself, once again.

The disbandment is quite untimely as an opposing secret organization called the Syndicate begin making their move to disrupt all order in the world. Returning ensemble Luther, Benji and Brandt help Ethan fight this enemy alongside newcomer Isla Faust (Rebecca Ferguson).

1 Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) 7.7/10

Currently, the highest rated film in the franchise, Mission: Impossible – Fallout succeeds in adrenaline and stardom as Tom Cruise teams up with Henry Cavill in this most recent installment. Although having the IMF back in his corner, Ethan is forced to operate independently when a black market plutonium bid goes awry.

The lines of good and evil are blurred more than ever in this sixth film, and Ethan’s efforts to recover the stolen plutonium become riskier by the second. Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson return alongside Alec Baldwin and Sean Harris‘ villainous Solomon Lane. Fans can only wonder what dangerous weapon, virus, or intel will be stolen in the upcoming Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning.

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