Scarlett Johansson in talks for big-budget Nancy Meyers movie ‘Paris Paramount’

Scarlett Johansson, Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, and Owen Wilson are in talks to star in a Netflix film from director Nancy Meyers.

The big-budget film currently titled ‘Paris Paramount’ tells the story of an above-the-linemovie making duo who begrudgingly reunite on the studio set after falling in and out of love with one another.

Nancy Meyers is directing from her own script and also serves as a producer on the film, which marks her first behind the camera since the 2015 flick ‘The Intern’ – which starred Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway.

Meanwhile, Scarlett recently discussed how she believes that she was “groomed” to become a “bombshell-type of actor”.

The 38-year-old star was frightened of becoming pigeonholed during her younger years but has now managed to take control of her career.

Scarlett reflected: “I kind of became like an ingenue, sort of, and I just think that’s part of – young girls like that are really objectified, and that’s just a fact.

“I did ‘Lost in Translation’ and ‘Girl With the Pearl Earring’ and by that point, I was 18, 19, and I was coming into my own womanhood and learning my own desirability and sexuality.”

The ‘Black Widow’ actress thinks that she “got stuck” on a very specific trajectory during her younger years.

She said: “I think it was because of that trajectory I had been sort of launched towards – I really got stuck.

“I was kind of being groomed, in a way, to be this what you call a bombshell-type of actor.”

Sources say that actor deals for ‘Paris Paramount’ are yet to be sealed as budgeting on the project is still being worked out.

Netflix has not commented on the news.

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