Ten Underrated Female Superhero Movie Characters

There have been relatively few female superhero movie characters compared to male characters, but this is starting to change. In recent years, there have been several successful films featuring female superheroes, such as Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Black Widow.

Female superhero characters are still working on earning the respect they deserve. There are so many male superheroes out there — it’s honestly hard to keep track. While they are great, it is time for women to take the spotlight.

Whether they can swing a giant magical mace like Hawkgirl or fight crime inside and outside of court like She-Hulk, these badass female characters deserve their chance to shine.

Black Canary

Black Canary, a DC Comics superheroine, has ventured into a few live-action and animated television shows. ​​In 2002, she appeared in the short-lived television series Birds of Prey on The WB and was in the CW show Smallville. More recently, Jurnee Smollett-Bell portrayed her in the 2020 film Birds of Prey.

Black Canary is the poster woman for badass female superheroes. She established the Birds of Prey, is a master of practically all hand-to-hand fighting techniques, and has a nifty trademark sonic scream dubbed the “Canary Cry.” Even though she has acted as commander of the Justice League and League of Assassins, she is constantly underestimated by her foes.


Hailing from DC Comics, Raven is a superheroine who has appeared in several animated Teen Titans series, including Teen Titans Go on the Cartoon Network, voiced by Tara Strong. She also is in the TV series Titans on HBO Max.

Raven is the daughter of the celestial demon, Trigon, and is a strong empath: this trait extends to one of her most potent abilities, where she absorbs the pain of a harmed person unto herself, healing them. Highly trained in the supernatural arts and capable of time travel, manipulating shadows, and telekinesis, Raven is one of the best.


Yes, Valkyrie is creating a name for herself in the Thor movies, but there is much more to her. Tessa Thompson depicts Valkyrie in the MCU films Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Endgame, and Thor: Love and Thunder.

One of Asgard’s elite warriors and appointed by the All-Father Odin himself, Valkyrie is not someone to be trifled with. One of her signature abilities is to detect someone’s “deathglow,” an aura that indicates when someone’s death is imminent. She handles her sword, Dragonfang, like no other, and her innate fighting mastership is among the best of all Asgardians.


Hawkgirl from DC Comics has seen various incarnations, all bearing ancient weaponry and manufactured wings. She appeared in the series Smallville, portrayed by Sahar Biniaz, and in The Arrowverse, by Ciara Renée.

Hawkgirl possesses the wisdom of several lifetimes worth of battle and superhuman strength, super-acute vision, and an enhanced healing capability. She also has a badass mace made of an alien metal, which can generate electric currents and repel magical energies.


Zealot, also known as Lady Zannah, comes from DC Comics. Lady Zannah has yet to make much of a jump to the large or small screen. She did emerge as one of the central characters in a half-hour animated television series, Wild CATs, which ran for one season. Given the family-friendly qualities of the show, Lady Zannah could not be true to her depiction in the comics.

Lady Zannah has enhanced strength, stamina, and mental fortitude that goes well beyond human limits. She also understands dark magic well and is highly proficient with firearms, telepathy, and teleportation.


Another MCU character, Gamora, Zoe Saldaña plays her in Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and the upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Gamora has enhanced speed, strength, skill, and stamina. She also maintains a regenerative restorative element, letting her rebound more quickly than others. She can also kick some serious butt as one of the MCU’s most competent and qualified martial artists.


DC Comic’s Vixen is a superheroine who appears in animated series such as Justice League Action, voiced by Jasika Nicole, and Justice League Unlimited, voiced by Gina Torres.

Vixen has yet to get the adoration she deserves. Vixen can directly connect with any animal that has ever lived on Earth. By simply concentrating on a particular animal, Vixen can emulate its capabilities, giving herself various superhuman powers. She also wears a magical relic called the Tantu Totem, a fox-head-shaped talisman passed to her ancestors by the Akan trickster god Anansi.

Susan Storm

The Invisible Woman (Susan “Sue” Storm-Richards) is a superheroine from Marvel Comics. She is a founding member of The Fantastic Four, Rebecca Staab, Jessica Alba, and Kate Mara have all played different film iterations of the character.

Sue is awesome and is a standout member of the group she founded. She possesses two powers: invisibility and force field generation. Sue can also sense people or objects made invisible and restore them to a visible state at will. Her force fields can be used offensively and defensively, either hitting foes with them or absorbing fatal blasts and blows.


Jennifer “Jen” Walters is Marvel’s She-Hulk. Most recently, Tatiana Maslany portrayed her in the 2022 Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Before that, Jen only showed up in a few animated television shows.

She-Hulk is a badass. She has been a member of the Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, the Defenders, Fantastic Force, and SHIELD. Plus, she is a highly qualified lawyer (in her spare time). She practically obliterated the Thing with her bare hands and smashed through the Invisible Woman’s force field.


A DC Comic superheroine Starfire (Princess Koriand’r) is a member of the group Teen Titans, like Raven. Starfire is one of the central characters in the film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, voiced by Hynden Walch and appears as a main character in the series Titans, portrayed by Anna Diop.

Starfire can fly at supersonic velocities and can use this power to fly in space. She is free-thinking and adores everyone regardless of a person’s terrestrial species, race, or gender. That makes her truly unbelievably badass.

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