The Best And Worst All The Ghostbusters Movies And Why We Forgive Them

Ghostbusters : MarkMeets Movie Classic

Family films are are not made like this anymore which classic scenes, great characters, studio sets that feel real and slime!

Who ya gonna call? Well, besides the insurance company to dispute a claim, the Ghostbusters, obviously. There have been four Ghostbusters movies since 1984, and all of them are either great, or pretty good (Yes, ALL of them). But, that said, none of the Ghostbusters movies are perfect. In fact, I’d say that there is at least one thing about each movie that could have actually been better. Some of these things are rather minor, but some of them are pretty major, even lessening some of the films in my eyes.

Now, this article isn’t about how one movie might be better than another, or how a film like Ghostbusters: Afterlife might improve upon the original movie. I’m not ranking these films after all. But, what I am doing is discussing their highest highs, and their lowest lows. That said, in case you’re wondering what my favorite Ghostbusters movie actually is, it’s number two. It’s much better than you remember it, I assure you. Anyway, on with the list!

Ghostbusters (1984)

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