The Best Scenes From The Hangover Movie Trilogy

Siin City- one of the most popular places for stag nights and hen nights, is the setting for many Hollywood films. However, one of the most famous – and, quite frankly the funniest of all these movies is The Hangover. The film brings to life all the worst fears of those men heading to Vegas to celebrate their (or their friend’s) upcoming nuptials… and the fears of every wife (or wife-to-be) waving off their other halves for that final celebration. Let’s face it, sticking to online casinos seems to be a lot safer… right?

But where would the fun be in that? Here, we bring you all the funniest scenes of The Hangover series, that made us very glad they didn’t…

1. Waking up in Las Vegas: The Original Hangover Movie

This is where it all began – and where the original nightmare started. The three guys all woke up in a pigsty/war zone that should have been a gorgeous Las Vegas hotel suite… and the laughs begin.

We see a chicken lolling around the room, a chair that’s smoking – Stu’s tooth is gone – and, even worse, so is their friend Doug – the one who’s supposed to be getting married. Oh, and we can’t forget Alan’s face when he realizes he’s been joined in the bathroom by a tiger.

2. Stu Getting Married – The Original Hangover

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – although it’s pretty hard if you marry someone, whilst having a girlfriend at home. I mean, having a one night flirtation is one thing, but finding out you got hitched is quite another.  However, I’m pretty sure that finding out it was someone who looks like Heather Graham took the sting out of it a little bit

3. The Stun Gun Demonstration – The Original Hangover

Then we have Rob Riggle’s hilarious cameo as a cop who makes the Wolfpack unwittingly volunteer to demonstrate stun guns to a room full of children. This is, undeniably, one of the funniest scenes in the entire movie. How can we forget the look on Zach Galifianakis’ face when some vengeful little brat pumps some serious bolts of electricity into his head?

4. Alan Getting Punched by Tyson – The Original Hangover

Mike Tyson may not be a boxer any more, but he certainly packed a punch in this movie cameo. When the unfortunate trio realized that the tiger they had managed to pick up on the way realized it was actually Mike Tyson’s pet, it got a little crazy. We had only just recovered from that revelation when Alan was suddenly punched by the heavyweight champion… leaving us floored with hilarity.

5. The Arrival of Mr Chow – The Original Hangover

Apart from the film’s main leads, Mr Chow was, undeniably, the most memorable character… so much so that he reprised his role in the sequels. Played by the hilarious Ken Jeong, his arrival was genius. Not only do we have butt-naked Leslie Chow jumping out of the car trunk and hitting them, but then Alan desperately tries to convince him he won’t, erm, do anything to him. Class!

6. The End Credits – The Original Hangover

We love it when the fun spills out into the end-credit scenes. And this is one of the funniest parts of the entire film. As the credits roll, we get to see all of the crazy photos of exactly what happened on that drunken night

7. Alan’s Speech – The Hangover Part II

Alan is pretty much a big part of every hilarious scene – and his actions and reactions are the biggest and best of all characters. How can we forget that potentially disastrous toast at Stu’s wedding dinner? It is funny, shocking – and certainly memorable.

8. The Lady Boy- The Hangover Part II

Stu’s reaction to the realization that he has enjoyed a night of madness with a Lady Boy in Bangkok is quite the moment. What makes it even worse is when he finds out in front of all his friends – by that self-same ladyboy who insists that Stu was more than enthusiastic about it. Makes marrying a Las Vegas hooker seem pretty tame by comparison!

9. The Car Chase – The Hangover Part II

Most car chase scenes are dramatic – but this one is simply brilliant. It has a bit of everything… the crazy Mr Chow’s theatrics. A high-octane car chases through the streets of Bangkok, a monkey that deals cocaine – and a severed pig’s carcass. This is action-packed, fun-filled and completely insane.

10. Childhood Flashback – The Hangover Part II

This is beautifully creative and completely brilliant. Not only is it funny, but it gives the viewers an insight into the workings of Alan’s mind. And, of course, we can’t forget the teenage Chow snorting illegal substances like it’s going out of fashion!

So, there you have it. Our very favourite Hangover scenes… let us know yours!

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