The New Face of ‘James Bond 007’ Movies (Most Likely)

The New Face of ‘James Bond 007’ Movies (Most Likely)

The next James Bond: who on earth will he be? Since Daniel Craig first mentioned putting his tuxedo away, the question has been on the minds of the decision-makers in the movie business. 

The rumor mill has again gone into overdrive since he finished his fifth appearance as the martini-sipping super spy in No Time to Die. Frontrunners are currently gradually gaining ground.  Here are a few renowned actors who are capable of filling the Bond 007 shoes. 

Henry Cavill

The British actor, who was allegedly passed over for being too youthful when a new Bond was chosen, has since taken on the role of Superman. He has displayed his acting skills in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. 

He could use the secret agent skills he learned from playing the lead role in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which made him equally at home in a nice suit as in a red cape. James Bond movies together are a huge entertainment source for most people. Casino Royale specifically was a hit for casino players. 

Today online casinos continue to gain traction as a convenient way for players to showcase their gaming skills. Each game offered by the Syndicate Casino can initially be played on any device without the need for additional software. 

The producers of James Bond films ensure that they provide a substantial amount of entertainment for most individuals. Thus, we could see Cavill’s skills fit James Bond’s movie setting!  

Lashana Lynch 

No Time to Die’s Lashana Lynch, who portrays the new 007 Agent Nomi, has been mentioned in whispers as a potential replacement for the series’ current lead. Critics have praised her portrayal of her character in No Time To Die. Her ability to deliver a few witty one-liners and her straight-shooting demeanor definitely cannot be overlooked. 

Lynch taking over as the main character would be a significant step forward. It would require viewers to reconsider how they view the franchise. They may begin to view it as a series with a new 007 instead of James Bond at its center. Regarding a potential female James Bond, the series’ creators appear determined to keep the character male.

Henry Golding

When questioned about James Bond 007 in September 2020, Henry Golding responded that there was a chance for change. By being the first Asian actor to play Bond, Golding might be a part of the wave of transformation. He has already established a strong acting career, appearing in films like;

●       Snake Eyes

●       Crazy Rich Asians

●       The Gentlemen

●       Last Christmas

Each, arguably, reveals a different aspect of Bond, from action hero to sensitive soul. However, Snake Eyes turned out to be a financial disaster, which could work against Golding.

Idris Elba

The actor, born in London, has recently been one of the most discussed Craig replacement candidates. He would likely continue where his predecessor left off by showcasing his serious action-man credentials. 

Idris is the dictionary definition of suave. Luther, a British series in which Elba plays a London detective, presents the strongest argument for being the first Black actor to portray James Bond. His unmatched presence would not be out of place in a 007 movie.

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