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Jimmy Akingbola and Fraser Ayres, started Triforce Ltd over 12 years ago. Triforce helps bring together all walks of life in the industry from actors, writers, to, directors, all into a community supporting one another.

Triforce hosts a series programmes, including: Monologue Slam, Writers Slam, Triforce Productions and tonights amazing Triforce Short Film Festival.

Triforce Short Film Festival - MarkMeets

Triforce Short Film Festival is celebrating it’s forth year. Co Founders, Jimmy Akingbola & Fraser Ayres, share with us the birth of Triforce, tonights evening and the future —

We asked the boys, How are you feeling about tonights Festival?

JIMMY: I’m feeling Electric! At [this] moment. I’m buzzing”!

FRASER: Oh my God! It started over 12 years ago. We’re old, We’re old!

I asked Jimmy, how does Triforce differ from their competition?

JIMMY: We’ve grown every year. There’s been a lot of companies come and gone. But we are still going. We are still making an impact in this industry. We are all about tangable outcomes and change.

A trip down memory lane reminds Fraser, how Triforce started —

FRASER: Me and Jimmy were young actors and we met at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
There’s a really inclusive vibe up there. They want to know what you’re doing and you come back to London and everyone is kinda shut down. When me and Jimmy where in Edinburgh we were like how to we bring this atmosphere down to London? And that’s where Triforce was born!

The evening was packed full of friends and celebrity guests who come to support the evening. Celebrities included: Ann Mitchell, Rebecca Scroggs, Martin Delaney, Rez Kempton, Karen Bryson, Chizzy, Nicholas Pinnock, Jing Lusi, Kacey Ainsworth, Adrian Lester, Robbie Gee, Sharon Duncan Brewster, and many more.

Ann Mitchell, who recently plays Cora Cross in BBC’s Eastenders, says how important she thinks of Triforce Short Film Festival: “What brings me to Triforce is the actual principles of the organisation. I believe very strongly in diversity and I also feel that unless this industry becomes more diverse it simply won’t survive. It has to reflect what is happening in the world, who makes up society and particularly in this country which is incredible its a multicultral country”.

The evening was entertaining, educational and a delight! Watch my interviews and catch up with what everyone else had to say —

Advice on Short films.
I grabbed a minute with a few of our guests to ask what words of inspiration they can give to our viewers and those who want to break into the industry. Here is what they came up with —

Carter Pilcher, Triforce Judge and Founder of Shorts International, advises film-makers:
“Short Films are about a Story. If you have a great story it doesn’t matter whether you have a big actor, or small actor, a child. It’s about the Story! If you can put together a great story you are gonna win a lot of competition!”

Rebecca Scroggs, who plays Tosh in Eastenders, says to Actors the following:
“Be the best you can be. No matter what anyone says about social media, networking or whatever — You got to be good! You got to know your stuff! To make sure you’re trained, and if you cannot train, train yourself by seeing stuff like films, theatre, hear actors speak. Just learn your craft!”

If you like to submit your short film to Triforce’s Short Films Festival. You can by following them: (Website) (Twitter) @TriForceFest!

If you like to be a part of the Triforce Network, w/ Monologue & Writers Slam! Please visit them on their Website —

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Adios Amigos!

Article & Video by: Ali Armian from Quulzz..

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