Vin Diesel On His Vision For Brie Larson In Fast X

The Fast and Furious franchise has been a hub for Hollywood stars, with actors like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Vin Diesel’s son, Vincent Sinclair, collaborating over its impressive 22-year run. The latest installment, Fast X, features a star-studded ensemble, including renowned Academy Award winners Rita Moreno, Charlize Theron, and Helen Mirren.

Adding to the franchise’s legacy of embracing family, Vin Diesel brought in Brie Larson, known for her role as Captain Marvel, to portray Tess, the daughter of covert operative Mr. Nobody. Larson’s journey to landing a role in the Fast and Furious franchise showcases her remarkable on-screen presence and illustrious career.

Before joining the Fast and Furious family, Larson gained critical acclaim for her performances in various films. She captured audiences’ attention as Envy Adams in the cult classic, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and went on to win an Oscar for her role in the 2015 drama, Room. Larson further solidified her presence in the film industry with appearances in big-budget films such as Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Captain Marvel (2019), part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Despite her already impressive résumé, Larson had long harbored a desire to be part of the Fast and Furious franchise. In 2022, she expressed her obsession and admiration for the series, stating, “I would, of course, want to be in a Fast & Furious movie. They’re incredible. So, of course, please.”

Larson’s dream came true when she received the long-awaited phone call confirming her involvement in Fast X. The news overwhelmed her with joy, but also brought a sense of self-doubt as she questioned her ability to honor the franchise’s heritage and create something meaningful. However, a dinner invitation from Vin Diesel and his family proved instrumental in assuaging her concerns.

During the dinner, Diesel’s children posed thought-provoking questions about Larson’s contributions to the Fast franchise. This genuine and welcoming setting helped Larson shape her character, with Diesel’s youngest daughter, Pauline, serving as a significant source of inspiration. Larson observed Pauline’s carefree and sassy demeanor, which led to a unique twist in Tess’ character development.

Inspired by Pauline, Larson collaborated with the film’s wardrobe department to recreate the jacket Pauline wore. Throughout Fast X, Larson’s character dons this jacket, adding an authentic touch to her portrayal.

Filming Fast X provided Larson with an exhilarating experience, despite her prior involvement in high-budget action films. She expressed her delight and excitement, particularly during the intense action sequences. Immersed in the franchise she had grown up watching, Larson experienced a surreal feeling of joy and fun, dispelling any self-doubt that initially plagued her.

However, Larson had to adjust her expectations, as Tess is not a character with extreme powers like Captain Marvel. She learned to temper her expectations for fight sequences, understanding that her punches wouldn’t send people flying into outer space.

Overall, Brie Larson’s journey into the Fast and Furious universe showcases her admiration for the franchise and her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her character. Her collaboration with Vin Diesel and the opportunity to work alongside a star-studded ensemble made her experience in Fast X a memorable one.

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