5 Unforgettable Songs From 2021

I’m sure most of us are looking forward to bidding farewell to 2021. It’s been a challenging year, considering the ongoing pandemic ramifications, not to mention political and war upheavals. However, troubling times haven’t stopped creatives from contributing wondrous pieces of art and culture to our entertainment platforms, worthy of staying power. In the musical sphere, Adele released 30, a reflective album that mulled over the complications of divorce. Billie Eilish dropped her provoking sophomore record, which expressed growth and maturity like never before. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves… To celebrate the resilience of creatives, we’re counting down five of the most unforgettable songs, from what has been quite the unforgettable year. 

Olivia Rodrigo – good 4 u 

18-year-old Olivia Rodrigo was inescapable this year. The long-time Disney Channel actor proved herself to be a triple threat, with expressive vocals and a story worth telling. She bunkered down with established producer Dan Nigro to concoct an emotional album (Sour) that soundtracked the impact of a breakup, start to finish – and man did it resonate. Although single drivers licence went viral, it was the explosive pop-rock track good 4 u that became this years’ unofficial anthem. “Good for you, you look happy and healthy, not me, if you ever cared to ask”. Brutal, killer stuff. 

Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever 

Billie Eilish’s brother and producer Finneas said in an interview that Happier Than Ever was a track he’d been trying to write for years and years. He wanted to create a track like Bohemian Rhapsody, meaning, a track that dramatically changed its sound halfway through. On Billie’s sophomore album, the title track achieved exactly that. Beginning as a soft, acoustic admission, the track quickly took a surprising twist, turning into a powerful, rock anthem that relished in the careful deconstruction of a toxic ex-lover. Electric guitars howl, and so does Billie. Happier Than Ever became so popular that the artist now closes her live shows performing the epic track. 

Adele – Easy On Me 

Geez, it really was the year of the breakup wasn’t it. Tame Impala Currents, you’ve got competition! On Adele’s mesmerising return to form, she emerged from a divorce with Easy On Me, a slice of piano-pop with possibly her greatest vocal performance to date. Instead of firing shots at her ex-partner, the singer chooses to instead make sense of the situation, and wish them all the best. It’s a mature approach for a deeply personal track, and one that’s as catchy as it is heartbreaking. As she effortlessly glides between her falsetto and chest voice, you’ll wonder why anyone thought to question Adele’s return to the music scene following 5 years of silence. 

Lil Nas X – Industry Baby

After the viral sensation Old Town Road, Lil Nas X had two challenges on his hands. One, to respond to the media’s vilification of him, and two, establish himself as more than a “one-hit wonder”. With Industry Baby, he killed two birds with one stone. The triumphant rap track dishes out a brilliantly catchy hook with a brass section to boot, perfectly boosting his lyrical takedowns: “Funny how you said it was end, then I went did it again”. Get wrecked, haters. 

The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber – Stay 

No artist has exploded onto the pop scene this year more than The Kid Laroi. Only a few years ago, he was living in Sydney, Australia, relatively unknown. After an opportunity with the late Juice World, the artist has moved from strength to strength, and now he’s collabing with the very biggest names in the game – aka, Justin Bieber. Stay is rapid-fire, mass-commercial genius, and it’s been playing on the radio and making Spotify playlists all year.

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