8 Signs You’re A Real Music Fan

Most people like music of one kind or another. For some, it’s something they enjoy listening to after a long week at work on a Friday evening. For others, it is a tool that literally helps them survive the difficulties of their daily lives!

Celebrity music expert and Knowledge of music tends to vary quite dramatically from person to person. Some do nothing but listen to the radio while driving their van, enjoying the sounds but not bothering to research who they’re listening to. Then, others approach it as a kind of academic discipline, carefully chronicling their knowledge of the music world as a kind of side project. 

What’s interesting, though, is that both types of people could be massive music fans. Lack of knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not interested in the audible arts. So how do you tell whether you’re a music fan or not? 

To answer this question, we’ve put together 8 signs that you’re a real music fan. Enjoy. 

You Always Have A Song In Your Head

If you’re somebody who always has music playing in their heads, then it could be a sign that you’re a real music fan. You could recall anything, from something you’re trying to learn to sing yourself to something you heard on the radio. Whatever it is, you’re stuck with it – enjoying the sounds at the same time. 

You Sing In Harmony

Here’s another sign that you’re a real music fan: you sing your favorite songs in harmony, even though they don’t officially have those parts. You just love the music so much, you add your particular improvisation, and it sounds good. 

You Listen To Music Whenever You Have Dead Time

In the modern world, our days are filled with instances of “dead time,” such as waiting for the bus or standing in a queue for the checkout. 

Most of us just wait it out and do nothing. But if you’re a music fanatic, you see it as an opportunity to whip out your headphones and start listening to your favorite beats. 

You Have A Playlist For Any Situation

Music and circumstances often complement each other. Indian restaurants, for instance, often play traditional sitar music. Clothes shops blast out the latest popular songs, and political rallies use pieces to set the mood. 

As a real music fan, you understand this intimately link exceptionally well and have a special playlist for every occasion. You know precisely what tunes to blast out on a romantic dinner date or road trip. You have it all worked out in your mind days – even weeks – in advance. And everyone praises you for your fantastic choice of music. 

You Love Collecting Music-Related Items

If you love collecting music memorabilia and hanging it on your walls, then that’s a big sign that you’re a huge music aficionado. Signed vinyl, CD cases, and even instruments adorn your home, like paintings. 

You Have A Music Room

Music rooms are rarer than you think. They’re certainly not a standard feature of the average home. Usually, if you want one, you have to give up a bedroom or a living space. And that means real sacrifice. 

Music rooms can contain pretty much anything you like. For some, the music room is literally just a mixing station and a computer. Others fill them with grand pianos, harps, and lines of guitar, hung up neatly along the walls. 

You Organize Your Music Collection

Most people whack their music collections on their shelves in no particular order and then forget about them. If you’re a big music fan, though, you often take the time to organize them meticulously, putting everything in alphabetical or chronological order so you can find what you are looking for. Usually, you’ll create your very own filing system so that you can catalog and trace all the records you have in your house. 

If you keep your music digitally, you’re just as diligent. You back up all your songs on an external hard drive. And you make sure that you tag them with anything that could relate to their content so that you can find them more easily at a later date. 

You’re Shocked By How Little People Know About Music

When you’re a massive music fan, you tend to know a lot about the bands you listen to. But when you get into general conversation with people, you’re shocked to discover just how little they know about the bands you cherish. It comes as a surprise to you that they could be so ignorant. 

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