A beginner’s guide to pub rock in five essential albums

Historically, punk may be regarded as the movement that sought to kick over the statues and destroy all that went before, but another, considerably less heralded, 1970s subgenre also concerned itself with a changing of the guard. Pub rock was, in its own way, a reaction to both the pomp and excesses of prog, and the perceived artifice of glam.

The rootsy, back-to-basics philosophy thrived, albeit relatively briefly, in the unassuming back rooms and corner stages of taprooms and taverns, hence the name (one of its key locales, Dingwalls in Camden, London, advertised itself as the home of “rhythm and booze”). Yet, within those humble surroundings a coterie of like-minded souls and skillful players celebrated a wide range of musical styles, and in the manner of mouth-watering after-hours takeouts, made some enduring records for punters to enjoy at home.

Eggs Over Easy – Good ‘N’ Cheap (1972)

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