Adele to take a break from music again to pursue an degree

Adele is planning another hiatus from music next year.

The Hello singer, who is currently in Los Angeles has revealed that she plans to spend the majority of her 2025 pursuing an English Literature degree,

The 34 year-old star said “After Vegas, I really want to get a degree in English Literature,” she said, referring to her much-awaited “Weekends with Adele” residency in Las Vegas which kicks off in November.

“If I hadn’t made it in my singing career, I think I would definitely be a teacher. I think I’d be an English Lit teacher,” she said.

“I definitely feel like I use my passion of English Lit in what I do. But even though it’s not like I’d go on to get a job from my degree, I wish I had gone to university, I wish I’d had that experience,” she added.

Despite already going on a six-year hiatus in 2016, the singer is geared up and ready for another.

So how does a megastar like Adele pursue her education dreams? Well, not in a regular classroom, of course.

“I won’t go to a university, I’ll do it online and with a tutor, but that’s my plan for 2025,” she revealed. “It’s just to get the qualifications.”

Adele is set to spend the next few years touring again for her latest album 30, and reacquainting herself with the stage.

She topped the charts upon the album’s release, and has just released the music video for her single I Drink Wine, which also features on the album.

Adele only just re-emerged in the public eye to release her new album, after taking some time for herself and her 10-year-old son, Angelo. She also went through a difficult divorce in 2021, separating from her partner of six years, Simon Konecki.

Adele is currently seeing American sports agent Rich Paul, who she went public with in July 2021.

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