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‘Paint My Bedroom Black’ the debut album by Holly Humberstone, is a journey through the depths of emotion and self-discovery.

In the realm of indie pop, the past decade has witnessed the ascent of a rising star—Holly Humberstone. With her Brit Award-winning status and the success of her 2021 EP, “The Walls Are Way Too Thin,” Humberstone quickly found herself on the pop cultural radar. Following this, she joined Olivia Rodrigo on her “Sour” tour, and she even released her first compilation, “Can You Afford to Lose Me?” The anticipation for her debut album had been building, and finally, we have “Paint My Bedroom Black.” This album is a meticulously crafted, atmospherically rich exploration of the complexities of “bad love” and the uncertainties of youth.

A Sonic Journey into the Night

Listening to “Paint My Bedroom Black” is like taking a late-night drive with no specific destination or savoring the last cigarette of an insomniac, with the window slightly ajar. Humberstone’s melodies flow like ghostly mists over the surface of midnight swimming pools, and her unique voice combines the restlessness of adolescence with the introspection of one’s twenties.

Avant-Pop and Lyrical Elegance

Humberstone is an avant-pop artist, adorning her sound with eccentric electronica and moody synth flourishes. This infusion of experimental elements gives the album a consistently innovative edge. Her lyrics, on the other hand, elevate her work to a higher plane. Humberstone’s words are poetically rich and exceptionally eloquent, setting her apart from many of her contemporaries. Her melodies are equally compelling, delivering infectious art-pop gems that complement her lyrical prowess. Whether she’s declaring her own rebirth and liberation in “Paint My Bedroom Black” or expressing optimism about rekindling a significant romance in “Cocoon,” Humberstone’s earnestness makes it impossible for the listener not to be captivated.

Shades of Lorde and Bold Exploration

“Ghost Me” and “Lauren” conjure up echoes of Lorde’s music, positioning Humberstone as a worthy aspirant to Lorde’s creative throne. On tracks like the haunting “Antichrist” and the glitchy “Flatlining,” Humberstone fearlessly tests the waters of modern pop music.

Three Standout Tracks

While “Paint My Bedroom Black” maintains an overall high level of consistency and quality, three tracks stand out as showcases of Humberstone’s exceptional talent. “Kissing in Swimming Pools” is perhaps the album’s defining moment, an intoxicating, acoustic-driven ballad that encapsulates the thrill of being 23, infatuated, and filled with hope. Humberstone’s evocative lyrics paint vivid scenes of youth and desire. “Superbloodmoon,” a collaboration with indie artist d4vd, encapsulates soulful vulnerability and stylish soundscapes, making it a perfect late-night bedroom jam. “Girl” washes over the listener in intricate sonic waves, with Humberstone’s confession, “And in a perfect world, I’d be your girl.” This track perfects her formula, offering accessibility while embracing experimental elements.

A Worthy Effort

“Paint My Bedroom Black” lives up to the hype, offering 13 snapshots of heartache and longing that vividly capture the tumultuous emotions of youth. Humberstone’s raw passion is tempered by moments of sadness and regret. This album further solidifies Humberstone’s position as a remarkable musical talent. Her recent breakthrough is a reason for celebration, and we can only look forward to the promising trajectory of her career.

Author’s Rating: 8/10

In conclusion, “Paint My Bedroom Black” is a compelling work that cements Holly Humberstone’s status as a musical force to be reckoned with. With her distinctive sound, poetic lyrics, and fearless experimentation, she brings something fresh and captivating to the indie pop scene. It’s an album that’s well worth your time and attention.

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