All Saints are extremly proud of new album ‘Red Flag’

All Saints confess that ‘Red Flag’ is the album they’ve always wanted to make.

The reformed 90’s girl group – Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt and Nicole and Natalie Appleton – are proud of their comeback record ‘Red Flag’ and admitted they never thought they would get to make it.

All Saints

Melanie told The Observer: ”It’s the album I’ve always wanted us to make. It’s just nice to feel like that after years of being in the industry and not really loving it too much. This is just perfect.

”The fact that we made this album, that’s it, that’s the main thing. Who’d have thought after 20 years we’d make this album? From even where we were four years ago, it’s incomprehensible.”

And they revealed that they kept working on the album until they were 100 per cent happy with it.

Nicole said of All Saints work ethic: ”Every time we walked out of the studio, we kept saying, ‘it’s a wrap’. And we’d all cheer and then the next day we’d be back in there and I’d be like, I knew we weren’t finished…”’

Natalie added: ”That’s never happened before. We didn’t want to let it go.”

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