Ariana Grande Signs with Brandon Creed After dropping Scooter Braun

Ariana Grande has recently inked a management deal with Brandon Creed, the manager renowned for his work with Demi Lovato. This move comes just four months after Grande and Lovato decided to part ways with Scooter Braun’s SB Projects. The duo is now under Creed’s newly established management firm, Good World Management, signaling a fresh chapter in their careers.

A New Artistic Alliance

The decision to join forces with Brandon Creed stems from Grande’s desire for a manager who not only comprehends her on a profound level but also prioritizes her artistic vision. According to an insider, Grande is enthusiastic about the upcoming projects in both acting and music. Creed’s role is seen as pivotal in providing the support needed to execute Grande’s plans effectively.

The insider elaborated, stating, “She wants the focus to be her art, and he puts her artistry and vision before anything else. He is the perfect person to help her execute her visions for this next chapter of her life and career.”

Creative Ventures: Music and Film

As Grande embarks on this new professional journey, she has been actively engaged in the creative process. The ‘7 Rings’ sensation has returned to the recording studio alongside Max Martin, collaborating on the successor to her 2020 album, ‘Positions’. Simultaneously, Grande has been immersed in the filming of the two-part movie adaptation of the popular musical ‘Wicked’, where she portrays the character Glinda.

The recent SAG-AFTRA strike provided a window of time for Grande to dedicate herself to studio sessions. An insider revealed, “Her priority has been Glinda for the past two years, and still is, as they haven’t finished the film.”

Unveiling the Next Chapter

Inquisitive minds have been eager to uncover details about Grande’s upcoming studio album. When asked about a potential title, Grande playfully responded, “Let me make it first!” This teaser has left fans anticipating the unique artistic direction Grande will take in her forthcoming musical endeavor.

Earlier this year, a series of unreleased tracks surfaced online, prompting Grande to acknowledge the challenge of keeping her work under wraps from her ardent fanbase. In a candid moment during a R.E.M. Beauty video, she remarked, “You guys have heard every bad song and b******* demo that I’ve ever made. Hilarious. It’s impossible to keep things from you. You gotta take some swings and misses.”

Navigating Leaks and Future Reveals

Addressing the issue of leaks, Grande humorously acknowledged the omnipresence of her unreleased music in the public domain. In response to a question about any impending secrets, she quipped, “Hmm… no secrets. I’m all out of secrets. You’ve stolen all my unreleased music, it’s horrible [laughs].”

Grande’s resilience in the face of leaks reflects her candid and humorous approach to the challenges of maintaining creative secrecy in the digital age.

Collaborative Ventures: ‘Die For You’ Remix

In a notable return to the music scene, Ariana Grande collaborated with The Weeknd on the remix of ‘Die For You.’ This joint effort with her friend and collaborator saw Grande lending her vocals to breathe new life into The Weeknd’s 2016 track from the album ‘Starboy’.

As Ariana Grande embarks on this new chapter, her alliance with Brandon Creed underlines a strategic move to align herself with a manager who not only understands her vision but also prioritizes her artistic expression. The anticipation for her next album builds, fueled by the promise of authenticity, creativity, and a touch of Grande’s trademark humor. Stay tuned for more updates as Grande navigates the exciting realms of music and film in the coming months.

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