Ben Haenow says his new album is “Like a journey”

Reigning X Factor champion Ben Haenow has released his debut album, and seeing as it’s almost been a whole year since he won the show, we wanted to find out more.

Speaking of his new LP, Ben revealed that he’s “on top of the world” to finally be releasing it, adding that he hopes fans will be surprised by his efforts.

Ben Haenow

“There’s definitely a couple of curve balls on the album”, he told ITV. “We wanted to write something that’s out of my comfort zone, it was a really great thing to do and to try out some new avenues.”

Describing the record as “anthemic”, “personal” and “edgy”, Ben continued: “Cheesily enough, it’s like a journey really, there’s a song for kind of every occasion I think

“There’s a lot of stuff you can listen to particularly when you’re driving around, from my van driving influenced days.”

Ben might be going head-to-head with X Factor alumni One Direction and Canadian pop prince Justin Bieber in the race that all important album chart No.1, but the singer was keen to state that he’s focusing on his own music.

When asked about the looming chart battle, Haenow admitted: “Being in the charts now and to even be mentioned in the same breath as those guys is crazy.

“We’ve got a lot of massive acts to compete against and it’s a tough position to be in, but I’m really confident and happy with the songs we’ve got, so I wouldn’t see any of them as a competition.”

He went on: “I’m just so happy to be out there releasing it and the reaction has been great so far. They are two big names to go up against. I think the 1D boys will do it. I believe in them and I’m backing them as well.”

While on the subject of good reactions, Ben went on to reveal that boss Simon Cowell has been very supportive of his album, claiming: “Feedback has been coming from him constantly while we’ve been writing the songs and getting the album together.

“He’s been there through the whole thing. It’s another thing that people don’t see. A lot of people just assume he kind of forgets about you after the show but he’s just kept in touch.”

Ben went on to reveal when it comes to this year’s X Factor, he’s backing Lauren Murrayfor X Factor glory because she’s “got that real likability factor”, adding that he’d also love to sing with her or Louisa Johnson.

The 30-year old also went on to defend Mason Noise, who was in the bottom two last week, stating: “He got an incredible voice and I think he needs to kind of get back that swag that we all saw from him in the beginning and stop being so apologetic.

“He needs to get back that confidence. He just needs to bring that back and I think people will be like, ‘Yeah, that’s the Mason we know and love’.”

Finally when it comes to his advice for this year’s Finalists, Ben concluded: “I’d just try and enjoy the experience because I know myself, it’s easy to get lost in the moment. And try and take everything in. And try and win as well. Go for the win.”

Ben’s self-titled debut album is out now!

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