Bruno Mars named Artist of the Year

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars has been named Billboard’s Artist Of The Year for 2013 thanks to the success of his album ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ and for his relentless chart and commercial success.

Bruno Mars: ‘You can’t believe that everything you do is hot’

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars named Artist of the Year

Mars’ co-manager Brandon Creed said that it has been an “incredible year” of triumphs for the superstar and he will continue to enjoy amazing success:

“It’s been an incredible year. We definitely had goals going into this project to support the artist, his music and performance.”

“But we tried to do everything for a purpose, nothing gratuitous. And we’re continuing to lay and build the foundation for him to evolve musically and continue to connect with the audience.”

Mars also opened up about the coveted title and added that he’s overwhelmed at the fact that he gets to do his dream job everyday and enjoy the rewards so publicly: “My dream was to not get a day job but to sleep, wake up and do my music. And hopefully, my music does all the talking. I want to keep that dream forever. That’s it. That’s what I love to do.”

Bruno Mars has a trusty team behind him that he relies on for advice when working on new material.

The Smeezingtons (his writing team), are great at helping him to recognise what is great and what might be too corny:

“I may say, ‘Yo, I like this song,’. But if Ari or Phil (Ari Levine and Philip Lawrence) say it’s the corniest shit they’ve ever heard, I trust them. And the other way around. We all know when we’re onto something, like with ‘Locked.'”

“It was, ‘Man, there’s a good pocket on this song right now. Let’s keep it going.’ We also know when something’s not jelling. And that’s the thing you pray you will always have. You can’t believe that everything you do is hot.”

He also opened up about a potential new album and added that he’s content performing his current material at the moment so plans for a new record are up in the air: “There’s going to be a point on the tour where I’ll wish I had a new song or 10 more songs to sing. That’s when the excitement comes back and you start working that muscle, ready to get back into the studio.”

“But I’m good right now. If you put me in the studio, I don’t know what I’d come up with, because I’m so enjoying this moment right now.”

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